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US warns North Korea to avoid actions of destruction.

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has told North Korea to avoid actions that could usher in the "end of its regime and the destruction of its people". The Pentagon chief also said Pyongyang would be "grossly overmatched" in a war against the US and its allies. His stark warning comes a day after President Donald Trump threatened North Korea with "fire and fury". US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sought to assure Americans there was no imminent threat.(BBC)

India Parliament discusses the 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement

The Lok Sabha will have a special discussion today to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement. Both Houses of the Parliament were adjourned after doing very little business due to sloganeering and protests. Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks for the first time in the monsoon session. He recalls the "August revolution", the other name of Quit India Movement. The British would have not thought of a revolution of this scale. There have been several phase in the freedom movement between 1857 and 1947. But August Kranti was like the final battle.

North Korea says considering missile strike near Guam

North Korea says it is considering missile strikes near the US territory of Guam, just hours after President Donald Trump threatened Pyongyang with "fire and fury". The North's official news agency said it was mulling a plan to fire medium-to-long-range rockets around Guam, where US strategic bombers are based. The statement marks a sharp rise in rhetoric between the two countries. The UN recently approved further economic sanctions against the country.

Kenyatta says respect the result of Kenya election 2017

People are voting in Kenya's general election amid fears that the result could trigger communal violence. President Uhuru Kenyatta called for unity, saying he would accept the result, and urged his rivals to do the same. He said Kenyans should "move forward as one nation". Queues at polling stations formed early and some minor stampedes were reported.The contest pits Mr Kenyatta against his long-time rival, Raila Odinga, and is seen as too close to call.

Hackers target Venezuelan government sites.

A hacking group has attacked Venezuelan government websites in an operation targeting the "dictatorship" of President Nicolás Maduro. Calling itself "The Binary Guardians", the group posted messages appearing to support the actions of a group of armed men who attacked a military base in the central city of Valencia on Sunday. Meanwhile, supporters of President Maduro marched in the capital Caracas. They called for an end to months of opposition protests and unrest.

North Korea vows to retaliate against US over sanctions

North Korea has vowed to retaliate and make "the US pay a price" for drafting fresh UN sanctions over its banned nuclear weapons programme. The sanctions, which were unanimously passed by the UN on Saturday, were a "violent violation of our sovereignty," the official KCNA news agency said. Separately, South Korea says the North has rejected an offer to restart talks, dismissing it as insincere. The sanctions will aim to reduce North Korea's export revenues by a third.
The UN Security Council decision followed repeated missile tests by the North which have escalated tensions on the peninsula.

Grand jury assembled in Trump-Russia investigation.

A special counsel investigating claims of Russian meddling in the US election has reportedly empanelled a grand jury. The US media reports suggest Robert Mueller's inquiry has taken the first step towards possible criminal charges. According to Reuters news agency, the jury has issued subpoenas over a June 2016 meeting between President Donald Trump's son and a Russian lawyer. The president has poured scorn on any suggestion his team colluded with the Kremlin to beat Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump says US-Russia ties at 'all time low'.

US President Donald Trump says his country's relationship with Russia is at a "dangerous low", amid a feud with Congress over new sanctions imposed against Moscow. Mr Trump approved the measure on Wednesday, despite calling it "flawed". Russia said the new sanctions were tantamount to declaring a "full-scale trade war" against Moscow. The law aims to punish Russia for its alleged meddling in the 2016 US elections and its actions in Ukraine.

North Korea: US not seeking regime change, says Rex Tillerson

The US government is not seeking a regime change in North Korea, the secretary of state says, amid tensions over Pyongyang's weapons programme. "We're not your enemy," Rex Tillerson said, adding that the US wanted a dialogue at some point. Meanwhile, a senior Republican senator said President Trump considered going to war with North Korea as an option. Pyongyang claimed that its latest missile test could hit the US west coast and beyond

Pakistan lawmakers pick Abbasi to replace ousted PM Sharif

Lawmakers in Pakistan have elected Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as prime minister, replacing Nawaz Sharif, who was ousted last week over corruption allegations. The ruling party wants the former oil minister to hold the role temporarily until Mr Sharif's brother, Shahbaz Sharif, can take over. Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab province's chief minister, must win a parliamentary by-election to be eligible for PM. Mr Abbasi was elected with 221 votes from the 342-member National Assembly.

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