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Trump challenges Clinton to drug test before next debate

Turkish-backed Syrian rebels are advancing on Dabiq, a symbolic stronghold of so-called Islamic State. The small town holds great value to IS because of a prophecy of an apocalyptic battle, and features heavily in its propaganda.

The operation began as US and Russian envoys met in Switzerland to discuss possible routes to a new ceasefire. No statement was issued after the talks although both the US and Russian envoys spoke of "ideas" emerging. (BBC)

Historic deal reached to limit HFC gases

Countries meeting in Rwanda have agreed a "monumental" deal to phase out gases that are worsening global warming.
Hydroflurocarbons are widely used in fridges, air conditioning and aerosol sprays. Delegates in Kigali accepted a complex amendment to the Montreal Protocol that will see richer countries cut back their HFC use from 2019.


US bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on flights

The US Department of Transportation has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on flights after reports of the device catching fire. Passengers will not be able to take the phones on flights or in their luggage to and from the US from 16:00 GMT on today.


Thailand mourns death of King Bhumibol

The people of Thailand are mourning the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world's longest-reigning monarch, who died yesterday aged 88. An emotional crowd held a late-night vigil in Bangkok, and black-clad crowds are now returning to the streets.


TN Chief Minister's portfolios given to State's Finance Minister

All the portfolios held by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram have been handed over to the State's Finance Minister O. Panneer-selvam, on her advice. 
A press release from the Tamil Nadu Governor's Palace stated Jayalalithaa would continue to be the Chief Minister. It added the subjects had been allotted to him in accordance with the Constitution of India.
Jayalalitha’s transferred portfolios include Public Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Forest Service, General Administration, District Revenue Officers, Police and Home. The release also said Panneerselvam will also preside over the Cabinet meetings. 

World Health Organisation backs tax on sugary foods and drinks

The World Health Organisation has added its support to countries which place a "sugar tax" on soft drinks. A new report from the body found that raising prices by 20 percent or more results in lower consumption and "improved nutrition".


China building collapse kills 22

Twenty two people have been confirmed dead after a group of residential buildings collapsed in eastern China.
The incident saw four buildings in Wenzhou in Zhejiang province reduced to rubble, reported the Xinhua news agency.
The buildings were reportedly built by villagers in the 1970s and were in a poor condition.
Most victims were migrant workers who had been renting cheap rooms.

Putin and Erdogan pledge deeper military contact after gas deal signed.

The Russian and Turkish leaders have agreed to intensify military and intelligence contacts after a meeting in Istanbul. President Vladimir Putin also said he and Recep Tayyip Erdogan had agreed on the need for aid to get to the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.


US presidential debate: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons.

Donald Trump has responded to an outcry over his remarks about groping women by launching a blistering attack against Hillary Clinton and her husband.


Hurricane ravaged Haiti remembers dead

Survivors of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti have picked their way through devastation to attend church services, some worshipping outside because buildings were destroyed.
The Category four storm is believed to have killed as many as 900 people in the Caribbean country and a cholera outbreak is the next big concern. The weakening storm barreled up the US coast, killing at least 16 people.
It has now moved out to sea and is not expected to return to the shore. Officials have warned people in North Carolina to stay at home and not take unnecessary risks. The hurricane was the strongest to hit the region in a decade. It kept up its hurricane strength with winds of at least 177 kilometers per hour for seven days.

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