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Britain marks the first coal-free day since Industrial Revolution

Britain National Grid says the country went a full day without using coal to generate electricity for the first time since the Industrial Revolution. The energy provider said Friday's lack of coal usage was a "watershed" moment. Britain's longest continuous energy period without coal until now was 19 hours - first achieved last May, and again on Thursday.


Policeman and suspected gunman shot dead in Paris 'terror attack'.

One policeman has been shot dead and two others wounded in central Paris, French police say, with their suspected attacker killed by security forces. A lone gunman opened fire before being killed as he fled the scene, police say. The Champs-Elysees was sealed off.


Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif survives corruption ruling

Pakistan's Supreme Court has ruled there is insufficient evidence of corruption to remove Nawaz Sharif from the role of prime minister.It instead ordered a further investigation into money transfers. Questions arose over the business dealings of Mr Sharif's family when three of his children were linked to offshore accounts in the Panama Papers leaks in 2015. Mr Sharif and his family have denied any wrongdoing. They have dismissed the claims as politically motivated.(BBC)

Australia unveils major changes to citizenship process

Australia will make it more difficult to gain citizenship in a major overhaul of its migration process .Aspiring citizens will undergo tougher tests on their English language skills and ability to demonstrate "Australian values", PM Malcolm Turnbull said . Applicants must also have completed four years as a permanent resident - three years longer than at present.

China 'seriously concerned' about nuclear threats of North Korea

China says it is seriously concerned about North Korean nuclear development, in the wake of a BBC interview with a top official from the North. North Korea's vice-foreign minister told the BBC Pyongyang would continue to test missiles and would launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike if it thought the US was planning an attack.


Borussia Dortmund football team bus hit by explosions.

Three explosions have hit a bus carrying the Borussia Dortmund football team to their home Champions League quarter-final match against Monaco. In a press conference, the head of Dortmund police said it was a targeted attack on the team. Spain international Marc Bartra was taken to hospital with an injury to his hand. No other players were hurt. Dortmund police said that the first indications were that this was an "attack with serious explosives".

Japan extends fullest support to the development activities in Sri Lanka.

President of the Sri Lanka-Japan Parliament friendship association Wataru Takeshita said Japan and Sri Lanka will look to further boost the bilateral relationship. He said this during a reception hosted for visiting Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe in Tokyo.


North Korea says it will defend itself by powerful force of arms.

North Korea has said it will defend itself "by powerful force of arms" in response to the US deployment of a Navy strike group to the Korean peninsula. The foreign ministry, quoted by state news agency KCNA, said the deployment showed "reckless moves for invading" had "reached a serious phase".


US missiles 'took out 20% of aircraft' in Syria war.

A US air strike in response to a suspected chemical attack damaged or destroyed 20 percent of Syria's operational aircraft, the US has said. Defence Secretary James Mattis said Syria would be "ill-advised ever again to use chemical weapons". Syria has denied a chemical attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun last week that left 89 people dead. G7 nations are meeting in Italy to discuss policy and how to persuade Russia to abandon its Syrian ally.

US warships deployed to Korean peninsula

The US military has ordered a navy strike group to move towards the Korean peninsula, amid growing concerns about North Korea's missile programme. The Carl Vinson Strike Group comprises an aircraft carrier and other warships. US Pacific Command described the deployment - now heading towards the western Pacific - as a prudent measure to maintain readiness in the region. President Trump has said the US is prepared to act alone to deal with the nuclear threat from North Korea.(BBC)


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