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Thailand election date set

Thailand's military government has announced: political parties are free to start campaigning ahead of a long-awaited election scheduled for 24th February.
The announcement ends a ban on political campaigning, brought in when the military ousted the elected government in a coup, four years ago.

The military took power in Thailand in 2014, overthrowing the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and the hugely popular Pheu Thai party. At the time, Military leaders said, they were restoring order after months of political unrest which had at times turned violent. They later drew up a new Constitution with changes to the Electoral System, which were approved by the public in a referendum last year.
The Constitution effectively ensures that even after the election, the military will remain an influential force in politics. It will be able to appoint the Senate, which in turn will help choose the next Prime Minister.

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