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Indian Chief Justice says "press cannot write anything they imagine about anyone"

Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra says, "journalism has descended into a scenario, where the press thinks they are 'sitting on some pulpit' and can write anything they imagine about anyone".
He added, “that is not real journalism, that is irresponsible reporting, sometimes whatever is written amounts to sheer Contempt of Court”
The Chief Justice made these cutting remarks, on the 'State Of The Media', as he perceived it, during the hearing of a petition filed by online news portal, The Wire, against a Gujarat High Court decision.
The oral observations from the Chief Justice began, when a senior advocate said, defamation proceedings and gag orders cannot be used to “throttle journalism.”
To this the Chief Justice said, the apex court and he himself, had several times in the past stood stoically against “gagging the Press”, thereby upholding Press Freedom.