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'Doomsday Clock' moved to just two minutes to 'apocalypse'

Growing concerns about a possible nuclear war and other global threats have pushed forward the symbolic 'Doomsday Clock' by 30 seconds, which now reads as just two minutes before 'midnight'. The clock created by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in 1947, is a 'metaphor' for how close mankind is to destroying the Earth. It is now the closest to the apocalypse, since 1953.
1953 was the year when the US and the Soviet Union tested hydrogen bombs.

Padmaavat row continues as Indian Supreme Court to hear pleas against 3 States and the Karni Sena

The Supreme Court in India today agreed to hear pleas, in order to initiate charges of Contempt of Court, against the governments of Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan and members of the 'Karni Sena', for aggravated incidents of violence, in view of the release of the film 'Padmaavat'.


Larry Nassar: Disgraced US Olympics doctor jailed for 175 years

Ex-US Olympic gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar has been sentenced to 40 to 175 years after testimony from nearly 160 of his victims.The judge dismissed Nassar's attempted apology as insincere, saying he would "be in darkness the rest of his life".Nassar pleaded guilty to 10 counts of sexual assault against girls and young women, including Olympians.The 54-year-old had already been sentenced to 60 years for possession of child pornography.

Indian PM calls protectionism as dangerous as terrorism

Sending out a strong message against protectionism and inward-focused economic policies, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday said such tendencies can be as dangerous as terrorism and climate change as he pitched for creating a “heaven of freedom.” Mr. Modi, who became the first Indian Prime Minister to address the World Economic Forum’s annual summit here in two decades, talked about grave concerns facing the world,

including terrorism and climate change. In an almost hour-long speech in Hindi, the Prime Minister sought to hard sell India as an investment destination, saying those wanting wealth with wellness and peace with prosperity should come to the country.

Asia fears that US tariffs on washing machines and solar panels are "just the start" of more to come

South Korea and China protested today against US President Donald Trump slapping steep import tariffs on washing machines and solar panels. It was a move that stirred fears in Asia of more protectionist measures lined up, to come out of Washington. For all his rhetoric to win votes, Trump’s actions on trade during his first year had been less alarming than many outside the US had feared - UNTIL NOW. The tariffs on washing machines, have dealt a heavy blow to South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. China, the world’s biggest solar panel producer, branded the move an “over-reaction” that would harm the global trade environment for the products affected.

US shutdown ends as Congress passes bill

The US government partial shutdown is ending after Republicans and Democrats voted to approve a temporary funding bill. Senator Chuck Schumer said Democrats agreed to back the bill if Republicans would address a programme that shields young immigrants from deportation.


Bangladesh says Rohingya return to Myanmar is delayed

Bangladesh says the repatriation of thousands of Rohingya refugees to Myanmar will be delayed amid the huge task of preparing Transit Centres and approving Lists of Returnees. Bangladesh's Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner has not given a revised starting date for the repatriation of some 750,000 refugees who fled unrest and a military crackdown in the Rakhine state in Myanmar.The entire repatriation process is expected to take two years.

With no deal in sight, US Congress faces looming government shutdown

The Republican-controlled Senate's bid to avert a US government shutdown, is teetering on the brink of collapse, as it races against a midnight deadline. The House of Representatives voted on Thursday night for a budget bill, to extend funding until next month.


South Korea 'clear-eyed' about talks with North Korea

South Korea says it will continue high-level talks with North Korea with "clear eyes", amid global warnings that Pyongyang might be playing for time to continue its nuclear-arms programme. The talks come as the US and its allies vowed to put pressure on North Korea. US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has expressed confidence that ‘pressure’ would eventually force North Korea to the negotiating table over its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. Speaking to the media, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-Wha said, "we have to make the most of the opportunity".

The two Koreas to carry a single Olympic flag

North and South Korea have agreed to march together under a ‘single unified Korean flag’, at next month's Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea. They also agreed to field a Joint Women's Ice Hockey Team, after talks at the truce village of Panmunjom. These were the first high-level talks between the two Koreas in more than two years. The Games will take place from the 9th to the 27th of next month, at Pyeongchang, in South Korea.

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