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US confident on plans for Trump-Kim talks.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said denuclearisation talks with North Korea are "moving in the right direction". After meeting a top Pyongyang official in New York, Mr Pompeo said they had made "real progress". He said Kim Jong-un's right-hand man, Gen Kim Yong-chol, was heading to Washington to deliver a letter to President Donald Trump. The North Korean leader meanwhile also agreed to hold a summit with Russia.

Moscow invites North Korea's Kim to visit

Russian Foreign Minister: Sergei Lavrov has invited North Korean leader: Kim Jong Un to visit Russia, during the first meeting between a Russian official and the head of the reclusive state.
Lavrov arrived in Pyongyang today, ahead of a landmark summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump.
His visit comes amid a flurry of diplomatic activity to organise next month's summit, with US Secretary of State: Mike Pompeo also meeting Kim's right-hand man: Kim Yong Chol in New York yesterday.

Liege shootings: Gunman 'had killed day before attack'

The man who shot dead two police officers and a civilian in the Belgian city of Liège had killed someone the night before the attacks.Interior Minister Jan Jambon said the gunman, Benjamin Herman, had murdered a former prisoner he met while in jail.Reports say the victim was Michael Wilmet, 30, a convicted drug dealer who was hit repeatedly with a hammer.The two policewomen killed the next day have been identified as Lucile Garcia, 53, and Soraya Belkacemi, 45.

YouTube deletes 'violent' music videos

YouTube says, it has deleted more than half of the "violent" music videos that the UK's Metropolitan Police Commissioner asked it to take down.
Metropolitan Police Commissioner: Cressida Dick has blamed some videos for fuelling a surge in murders and violent crime in London - and has singled out 'Drill Music'.
'Drill music' is a style, originating on the South Side of Chicago. The genre is a prominent feature of Chicago hip hop, and is defined by its dark, grim, violent, nihilistic lyrical content and ominous beats.
The Police Commissioner had asked YouTube to delete all content which 'glamorises' violence.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich 'eligible to be Israeli citizen'

The Russian-Jewish billionaire owner of Chelsea football club, Roman Abramovich, has flown to Tel Aviv after being found eligible for Israeli citizenship.Immigration officials told the BBC that he was interviewed last week at the Israeli embassy in Moscow. He has faced delays in renewing his UK visa.His spokesman would not comment on reports citizenship had been granted.Mr Abramovich, 51, would be the richest person in Israel.His UK investor visa reportedly expired some weeks ago but the British government has refused to comment on his individual case.

Italy plunges into political crisis, after government talks collapse

Italy was plunged into fresh political chaos, as the president prepared to appoint a pro-austerity economist as Leader, after a bid by two populist parties to form a government collapsed.
The crisis was sparked when President Sergio Mattarella vetoed the nomination of fierce euro-sceptic: Paolo Savona as Economy Minister, enraging the far-right League, and leading to the anti-establishment Five Star Movement calling for his impeachment. The decision led to Prime Minister-Elect: Giuseppe Conte stepping aside, exacerbating the political turmoil.
Mattarella has summoned Carlo Cottarelli, an economist formerly with the International Monetary Fund, for talks today, with a temporary technocrat government on the table, as Italy faces the strong possibility of new elections this autumn.

Wolf-like creature puzzles US experts

US wildlife experts are baffled by a "wolf-like" animal that was killed by a Montana farmer. The rancher shot the creature last week, when it came within several hundred metres of his livestock.
State wildlife experts say, they have been unable to pinpoint its species. After inspecting the creature, they said they doubt it's a wolf, as its teeth were too short, front paws abnormally small and claws too large.
Bizarre theories have circulated online that it could be a 'werewolf', a young 'grizzly bear' or a relative of 'Bigfoot'.

Trump cancels Kim summit amid North Korea 'hostility'.

US President Donald Trump has cancelled a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, blaming "tremendous anger and open hostility" from the North. He said it was possible a meeting could still take place but warned North Korea against committing "foolish" acts. The summit aimed to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons and would have been the first time a sitting US president met a North Korean leader. The "unexpected" decision, Pyongyang said, was "extremely regrettable".

North Korea dismisses remarks by Mike Pence as: "stupid"

A senior North Korean official has dismissed remarks by US Vice-President Mike Pence as: "stupid", casting further uncertainty about a planned meeting between the two countries' leaders.
It comes days after Mr Pence warned that North Korea "may end like Libya" - where then-leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed by rebels in 2011, after renouncing nuclear weapons eight years earlier.
The North says, Pyongyang would not "beg" for dialogue, and warned of a "nuclear showdown" if diplomacy failed.

Iran sanctions: Zarif condemns Pompeo announcement

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has condemned the US for promising to impose the "strongest sanctions in history" on his country.Measures outlined by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, he said, showed the US was a prisoner of its "failed policies" and it would suffer the consequences.EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini also criticised the US.She said Mr Pompeo had failed to show how dropping the 2015 nuclear deal would make the Middle East safer.

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