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International red Cross Day falls today.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day falls today. The founder of the International organization of Red Cross Shawn Henry Dununt birthday falls on 8th of May 1828. So the members of the International Committee of Red Cross celebrate 8th of May as the international Red Cross Day. In 1863 Shawn Henry Dununt established international committee of the red Cross to show mercy to the victims of the wars. In 1901 Dununt received the 1st noble peace prize for his contribution for the peace.
By 2011 International Committee of Red Cross acts in 187 countries throughout the world.
In 1936 the Sri Lankan representation of the international committee of the Red Cross was established in Colombo.

Minister Patalie Champika Ranawaka emphasizes that it is everybody's responsibility to protect religious harmony.

Minister Patalie Champika Ranawaka says, that a religious reconciliation has been built up in the country at present. It is the responsibility of all the public to savee it. Joining the  Subarathi programme at the SLBC  this morning the minister said, during the Wesak days all at homes could raise up a Buddhist flag irrespective of religious differences and  can show their reconciliative feelings  to the public.  

There is no reason to be afraid  about the protection given to Buddhism by the constitution. Certain sections of the polity express unnecessary fears that government  might be excluding the status given to Buddhism from the constitution.NO political party have given this idea to the parliament or the government. The minister said what ever the position is government will not exclude the status given to  Buddhism from the constitution.

President patronage a special awards ceremony in north central province at Anuradhapura.

A special awards presentation ceremony in the  north central province took place  yesterday afternoon under the patronage of president Maithripala Sirisena for those who contributed  dedicatedly through their professions and services to the people of Raja Rata . The ceremony took place at golden Mango hotel in  yesterday evening.


The international dignitaries who take part in United nations Wesak day celebrations begins to arrive in the island on Wednesday.

From next Wednesday the state leaders and international representatives who are taking part in United Nations international  wesak day celebrations will begin to arrive in the island. The chief guest Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is expected to arrive in Colombo on Thursday. The chief guest  of the last day celebrations the Nepali president Bidya Devi Bandarai is expected on Saturday. The final day celebrations of the United Nations  Wesak day  is to be held on 14th of this month  in Kandy. The foreign entourage  consists of 7 50 dignitaries and ministers of 8 Therawadi Buddhist countries.


Three special police teams to trace out the abducted child in Gampola.

Police headquarters in Colombo says that they have deployed three police teams to locate the small child abducted in Gampola day before yesterday. Two teams are working in Colombo and Galle. A gang in Gampola abducted an small child and his uncle on Wednesday and later the uncle had been released in Kandy. The gang has demanded 3 million ransom to release the child.


149 police apprentice officers reinstated after getting married during the apprenticeship.

149 police officers  who got married  during their apprentice-ship and due to that reason who had been de-posted  and again found employment;  in the police force. Police officers who are  recruited as apprentice are not allowed by law  to get married  until three years of service. The police commission had given permission for them to be re-employed. The relevant de-posted police officers had made an appeal to the minister Sagala Ratnayake who had seconded the appeal to the police commission. Soysa says black flags protest on Wesak day is a disgrace to the international Wesak Day celebrations. Soysa says  black flags protest on Wesak day is a disgrace to the international Wesak Day celebrations. It is reported a section of certain politicians are organizing the campaign. India is a very powerful country  Prof.Soysa says.  Prof.Soysa said  parliamentarian  Wimal Weerawansa raises anti Indian voice  just because of political reasons.


The world food program grants aid to the 4 drought hit districts.

Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says the world food program has agreed to grant aid to the 4 drought hit districts. Accordingly a sum of 2 million dollars will be given for 6,500 severe affected families. An allowance of 10,000 rupees will be given to each family for 4 months.

Sri Lanka is ready to achieve the goal of providing sanitary facility to all before the target date.

Minister Rauf Hakeem says Sri Lanka is ready to achieve the goal of providing sanitary facility to all before the target date. Sri Lanka will be able to achieve the target in the coming few years. He revealed these acts at a discussion held with a team of World Bank representatives recently. The government has already allocated 190 million US dollars to develop safety drinking water facilities. The World Bank target is to achieve this goal in 2030 but the minister said Sri Lanka will be able to achieve it in 2020.

The president expresses his regret as some elements attempt to gain political mileage by trade union actions over SAITM issue.

President Maithripala Sirisena says he is really regretting that some groups are engaging in trade union actions to gain political mileage at a time the government has taken many policy decisions to solve the issues relating to SAITM university. Addressing a ceremony held in Anuradhapura Yesterday (05) the president requests the university students to continue their studies without becoming cat's paw to some opportunistic political groups.

The president assured that he will not leave room for any injustice to any student. The government has given solutions for many SAITM related issues. The SAITM students should compulsorily have clinical training and they have to sit for the qualifying exam conducted by the Sri Lanka Medical council and the UGC. The relevant private hospital has been acquired by the government It is now controlled under a collective administrative board. The president pointed out that these politically motivated trade union actions will harassed innocent people.

The rich people can have treatment from private hospitals. But the general public are the suffering lots due to all these moves. The relevant trade unions should have talks with the government. The entire world is now getting ready to celebrate international Wesak day in Sri Lanka next week. It is very much pathetic for some doctors to disrupt the life of the people by politically motivated strike. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modhi also comes to Sri Lanka for this event.

However some elements have requested the public to raise black flags to show protest to India. But Sri Lanka and India are maintaining a strong friendship since the time Buddhism was brought to the island in the past. The president stressed that he will not sign any detrimental agreement with any country. The president also unveiled the newly constructed Buddha statue at the north central provincial council premises and offered the first floral tribute to the statue. Maha Sangha led by chief incumbent of Ruwanweliseya Venerable Pallegama Hemarathana Nayaka thera were present at this ceremony.

The president also declared open the new administrative building at the Thamankaduwa divisional secretariat in Polonnaruwa.

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