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Media village concept will come into reality this year.

Minister of Mass Media Gayantha Karunathilaka says media village programme will commence this year.  The journalists who do not own housing units will benefit for the project.


The Prime Minister says government will focus attention to promote literature and related activities.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says the government has focused attention to promote literature and related activities.  Accordingly, facilities and concessions will be provided to   publishers  of books.  Joining the Fairway – 2016 National Literary Festival held in Galle yesterday the Prime Minister said literary creations lead to build up creative and perfect individuals.  

The present students and young generation are deviating from reading and other literary activities.  Therefore, the government has taken a number of measures for the wellbeing of literature.  About 124 authors from Tamil, English and Sinhala languages were felicitated at this festival.

A sum of 43 billion rupees has been allocated for the welfare of Samurdhi recipients.

Secretary to the Minister of Social Empower and welfare Mahinda Seneviratna says a sum of 43 billion rupees has been allocated for the welfare of Samurdhi recipients this year.  There are 1.4 million Samurdhi recipient families.  The Ministry has planned a number of programmes to upgrade the livelihood of these families this year.  Special attention has been focused to alleviate poverty.

The Water Board has planned a systematic programme to face the prevailing drought.

The Water Supply and Drainage Board has implemented plans to successfully face the prevailing drought. Chairman of the Board K A Anzar says a systematic programme will be implemented in the most hit Kandy, Polonnaruwa, Hambanthota, Ampara and Matara districts to provide drinking water to vulnerable areas.

The Board has planned to renovate 1000 tube wells in the dry zone and to dig 4000 new wells in the drought hit areas. Bowzers wil also be deployed to provide water to the remote villages.
The Water Supply Board requests the public not to waste purified water for secondary needs such as watering the plants, washing vehicles etc. Meanwhile, the sluice gates of the Uda walawa reservoir are being repaired at present as the water level has receded drastically.

The first subway in Badulla will be opened today.

The first subway in Badulla will be opened this morning under the patronage of Chief Minister Chamara Sampath Dasanayake. The project costs 25 million rupees from urban council fund.

The urban council expects to earn a considerable income by rending out the trade stalls and shops constructed besides the subway.

Samurdhi families will be provided with electricity free of charge.

Minister S.B Dissanayake says that Samurdhi families will be provided with electricity free of charge. The minister addressing a ceremony held in Hingurakgoda said that a program is also underway to provide electricity using solar panels.

It is expected to fix solar panels in each and every household. The Ceylon Electricity Board and the Ministry of Social Empowerment and Welfare implement this programme.

The President says some elements are trying to discredit the reputation of the government by giving a wrong picture about the decision of European Union to grant GSP plus to the country.

President Maithripala Sirisena says some elements are attempting to discredit the reputation and the honor of the government by giving a wrong picture about the decision of European Union to grant GSP plus to the country. The President rejected the newspaper report published wrongly stating that this concession has been given to Sri Lanka with the promise of establishing a federal system in the country.

The President requested them repeatedly not to use media freedom in a wrong way and try to fulfill their duties to provide correct and true information to the people in the country.

He made these remarks participating in a people’s service programme in Galle this morning. The main objective of the government is to take forward the country by establishing national reconciliation and thereby build a just and fair society accepted internationally.

New buses will be imported this year to improve the transport service.

Deputy minister Ashoka Abeysinghe says 7,250 SLTB buses will be deployed for the convenience of passengers this year. At present, 5500 buses have been added for the transport service. The Deputy Minister also said it is hoped to import 1000 double door buses and 250 single door buses during this year. He made these remarks at a function held in Kurunegala recently.
New 12 rail engines and 6 power sets are to be imported. The Minister said that the objective of this move is to provide transport facilities for passengers.

Enrolling students for universities to the 2016/2017 Academic year will commence this month.

The Chairman of the University Grants Commission Professor Mohan Silva says the enrolling of students for University entrance in the 2016 / 2017 Academic Year will commence this month. Process of calling for applications will begin soon. The Handbook for University entrance has been printed in three languages. The Chairman also said it will be notified by newspapers as soon as commission receives the respective copies.
Students can only apply through the Internet. It is expected to enroll more than 27,000 students for Universities this year. Several new courses have been introduced this time.
An Awareness Programme for students to select their courses was initiated by the Commission and measures were taken to train 300 teachers representing all schools in this regard.

The President says the unison government is vested with the task of building the country.

President Maithripala Sirisena says the responsibility of the present government is to solve the problems of the people and to give a better livelihood for them when developing a prosperous country. He also said not only the government but also the people are responsible in the task of building up the country. The President therefore, appealed all factions to join hands to develop the country with positive attitudes in the New Year.
The paramount aim of the Government is to have a prosperous economy in Sri Lanka, a systematic programme has already been implemented in this connection. Government is committed to solve all the problems of the people with special attention to alleviate poverty and unemployment. Although some opposition elements attempt to disrupt the government’s move, it will go forward disregarding any type of obstacles.

The President made these remarks at the closing ceremony of the President’s Mobile Service held at the Labudoowa Siri Dhamma Vidyalaya this morning. The Mobile Service which was held during the last few weeks has solved over 70,000 problems of the people in the district. The President also thanked the government officials for helping to make this service a success.
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, Minister Vajira Abeywardena and several Ministers, IGP, several senior Officials, Ministry Secretaries and other State Officials were participated in this event.

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