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Last updateTue, 12 Feb 2019 11am

Local News

The value of non-financial assets of the country has increased up to 814 billion rupees by the end of 2017

The ministry of Finance says, the value of all assets of the government has increased upto 814 billion rupees at present. The amount of non-financial assets was 21 billion rupees in 2015 . It has increased up to 346 billion by 2016. The government has planned to implement an expedite programme to estimate the all non-financial assets of the government within next two years. The Treasury is to use an accounting system under accrual basis to gather all financial information of the government. The ministry of finance says, the government will carry out this accounting system with accountability and in transparent manner.
Chairman of The Sri Lanka Public Utility Commission Saliya Mathew says that, it has sent a letter to the Electrical Engineers' Association of the Ceylon Electricity Board regarding their proposed trade union action. The letter has already been sent to the Chairman and the General Manager of the CEB. The relevant trade unions are expecting the letter from the public utility commission regarding their demands.
In an inquiry made by the SLBC in this connection former chairman of the electrical engineers' association Janaka Aluthge said that, their objective was to provide electricity to the public at lower rate and to get approval of the public utility commission in this connection. If the public utility commission is Okey for their request they will give call off the trade union action.