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Last updateTue, 12 Feb 2019 11am

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The government has allocated 4 billion rupees to grant fuel concession for the fishermen

The discussion held between the Ministry of Aquatic Resources Development and the members of fisheries associations regarding the preparation of a program to ease the burden due to the increase of fuel prices, ended in a mutual agreement yesterday. During the discussion, the Ministry officials agreed to implement the program presented by the fisheries associations. The government has allocated 4 billion rupees in this regard. Attention was focused to find a better way to provide the concession for 'real' fishermen instead of middlemen or others. The Fisheries Associations voiced their disagreement regarding the amounts to be paid as concessions being credited directly to bank accounts, or being provided through a coupon system.

Therefore, a committee chaired by the Director General of the Fisheries Department and comprising members of fisheries associations was appointed, to devise a common mechanism for the payment of concessions.