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Last updateThu, 13 Dec 2018 1pm

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The president says that public servants now have the privilege to perform their duties with the sense of dignity.

President Maithripala Sirisena says that public servants are now able to perform their duties with a sense of dignity. He pointed out that during the previous regime due to various interferences from political figures, public officials were denied the space to take appropriate decisions. He made these comments participating at a ceremony held at the parliamentary complex today. This was organized to appraise State Owned Enterprises that have shown a positive trend aligning themselves with monetary controls and administrative regulations released in 2015. Eighty one (81) ministries and institutes were awarded. The president pointed out that under the previous administration presidents of the Public Accounts Committee had to even face termination due to taking the right decisions. The rule of law has now been affirmed. There is no room for fraud and corruption. He also pointed out that there are still some prestigious organizations that still survive with the aid of fraud and corruption. This needs to be rectified. He added that an efficient public service needs to be created strengthening and guiding state sector employees.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said that the good governance regime was able to reinstate the financial powers vested with the legislature. He further stated that if the financial administration of the country is left to be forgotten, the entire country would have to bear the consequences of such an oversight.

He also mentioned that SriLankan Airlines has to settle a debt of 740 million US dollars. He made it clear that it is the government’s objective to bring down this debt burden by the year 2020. The government should not in any way led the next generation inherit such a debt burden.