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The President says a new development plan will commence this week.


President Maithripala Sirisena says a new development programme will commence this week for the benefit of the general public. The President made this comment at a live discussion held with independent television network. President Sirisena further said the media institutions are provided the facility to enjoy the freedom of democracy and media franchise. A new political culture was introduced to the country after January 8th 2015 . The media personnel are enjoying freedom to speak, write and express their ideas. This culture was not there during the previous regime. President also emphasized the importance of fulfilling the pledges and promises given during the presidential election. The present government has taken effective measures to fulfill the election mandate given to the common masses. The family rule which existed during the previous regime was also abolished and eliminated. The new political culture benefits the general public in large scale. The international community has shown a full confidence in the present administration.