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Last updateTue, 24 Apr 2018 9am

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The President says that the economy of the country is now on the correct path.

President Maithripala Sirisena says that the economy of the country is now on the correct path and people could be able to enjoy the benefit of it in the future. The foreign reserve of Sri Lanka has increased and at present it is about five billion US dollars. The President expressed confidence further improvement of the foreign reserve shortly. At a meeting with the media representatives at the President’s House this morning he told that people can expect a prosperous country as a result of these achievements.
The President also said a committee headed by a retired judge will be appointed to inquire into the causes that led the Meethotamulla tragedy. The report should be presented to the president within one month. The aim is to have an independent and impartial report within one month. The one man committee will also be responsible to submit recommendations to avert reoccurrence of this type incident. The president also said there is no financial problem in granting relief to the victims who will be provided with new housing tomorrow and day after.

The value of a housing unit is 4.5 million rupees. The President denied the allegations made by opponents that there is an economic crisis in the country. He also said that he stands for the curtailment of the powers of the executive presidency or abolishing of it. The government is implementing a number of development project including the Moragahakanda reservoir project. Number of roads will be improved by carpeting them.

He assured that no government venture would be sold to any foreign country or a company. The port city project which has been considered as the biggest betrayal in the country, has been changed in favour of Sri Lanka following the discussion with the government of China. The government had been able to resolve the human rights issues of the United Nations in a manner that does not disadvantage the country.

Referring to the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM) the President said will be directed to be listed at the Colombo Stock Exchange. He said that the private medical college in Malabe will be removed from sole ownership and that it will come under a governing board to ensure standards of medical education.
The free education will further be strengthened and no graduate will be allowed to be cause injustice. He also said that the efficiency of services delivered by the government institution will be further strengthened and audit bill will be presented to the parliament soon.