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"Siri Seelalankara Nahimigama" will be vested with the public by the President today.

"Siri Seelalankara Nahimigama" constructed to commemorate the Dimbulagala Aranya Senasanadhipathy late Venerable Kithalagama Siri Seelalankara Nayaka Thera will be vested with the public today by President Maithripala Sirisena.


The President says no conflict should take place in the country based on the languages spoken by the communities.

President Maithripala Sirisena says no conflict should take place in the country based on the languages spoken by the communities. He added that in some countries conflicts have occurred based on languages. The President pointed out that that kind of conflicts happened even in Sri Lanka.


Indian delegation arrived in Sri Lanka to expand trade activities.

Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday for a three-day official visit.
The purpose of the visit of this three-member delegation is observing the potential to promote Indian business in Sri Lanka and investment opportunities.


48 varieties of drugs will be available at the reduced prices, from tomorrow.

Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratna says people are able to purchase 48 varieties of essential drugs at the reduced price from tomorrow. The Minister has instructed the State Pharmaceutical Corporation to issue them to the public, at the reduced rates from 32 branches of Osu Sala and 130 franchised outlets. Managing Director of the Corporation, Dr. H M M Rumy says the Corporation has already imported quality drugs for the people.

He says the Health Minister has instructed them to raid the Pharmacies that do not sell the medicine at the reduced prices. The government is to reduce the prices of more varieties of pharmaceuticals, in future.

The Finance Minister says public views and proposals have also been considered in preparing the Budget.

Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayaka says public views and proposals have been considered in preparing the Budget proposals this year. Special attention has been focused to reduce government expenses in the next year. Teams of University students have been deployed at rural level to obtain public views and proposals during the past period. In addition, ideas from trade unions and economic experts have also been considered.

The government has planned to spend 1819 billion rupees for the next financial year. The government has planned to reduce 760 billion rupees of government expenses, during the next year.

Medium Entrepreneurs of the Western Province were awarded by the President.

An Awarding Ceremony for (FLAME) Medium Scale   Entrepreneurs in the Western Province was held in Galle Face Hotel in Colombo yesterday under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena.

 39 entrepreneurs were honoured with awards at this ceremony.  Leading South African Entrepreneur Dr. Y K Paik offered a special award to the President at this ceremony.  The President also felicitated him with an award.

Bilateral discussions will be held with the visiting Foreign Secretary of India.

The government says bilateral discussions will be held with the visiting Foreign Secretary of India S Jaishankar on implementation of various decisions taken during the President and Prime Minister's recent visits to India. The Indian foreign secretary will discuss economic cooperation.

He will also pursue various initiatives discussed between the leadership of the two countries. The contentious issue of capture of fishermen is also likely to figure during the visit to Colombo.

The President says measures will be taken to become the Sri Lanka as the center of publishing the Theravadha Buddhism to the world in parallel to the International Wesak Day celebrations.

President Maithripala Sirisena says the official ceremony to celebrate United Nations International Wesak Day will be held on the 13th of May, next year on a grand scale. The State leaders of the Buddhist countries in the world will participate for the ceremony. He made these remarks at a religious ceremony held at the Bopitiya Siri Indrasabha Piriven Viharaya this afternoon.

He said Theravadha Buddhism is the main resource for the country to go forward as the best state in the world today as well as the tomorrow. The President said measures will be taken to become the Sri Lanka as the center of publishing the Theravadha Buddhism to the world in parallel to the International Wesak Day celebrations.

Meanwhile, the President said a new national programme will be implemented to generate the electricity through the natural resources to meet the present electricity crisis. At present, the government has paid attention to generate electricity using solar power.

A National programme on planting "Ginisiriya" plants has been implemented islandwide recently. The government has dedicated to develop the country during last 20 months transforming economic, political structure in the country. He said the government aim is to march forward as a strong and independent country.

Job opportunities for the youth in the housing construction field this year under the Semata Sevana housing programme.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction has planned to provide job opportunities to 50,000 youth in the housing and construction sector this year under the
"Shilpa Saviya - Shelter for all" programme. The Ministry will also conduct training programmes for the selected youth. They will be given a monthly allowance of ten thousand rupees, two uniforms and a tool kit free.
The Treasury has allocated 500 million rupees this year for the purpose.

The training programmes will be jointly conducted by the Housing Development Authority, construction industrial development authority and the NAITA. Chairman of the National Housing Development Authority Lakvijaya Sagara Palansooriya told the SLBC that during the training the youth will be given the opportunity to serve in the housing projects implemented under the National Housing Programme. They are also allowed to receive an allowance from the house owners. The youth will be given an internationally recognized certificate at the end of the training.

A disposal week for polythene, plastic and electronic wastage will commence on Monday.

Disposal of Polythene, plastic and electronic wastage week will commence on Monday.  President Maithripala Sirisena has declared this week at a function declared at the Central Environmental Authority, recently.  It will be implemented covering all the local government institutions in the island.  

The unsystematic methods of disposing this wastage have become a massive environmental dispute in the country.  People will be enlightened on the management and the recycling of wastage during this week.  The collecting of these wastages during this programme will be handed over to the Central Environment Authority for recycling programme.