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Radio Sri Lanka Team

Indira Nawagamuwa












EDUCATION          :    Bachelor of Arts -University of Kelaniya 

                                 Master of Arts -University of Kelaniya

PROGRAMS          :    Open Forum/Buddhist Forum/Buddhist Sermon & etc.

DESCRIPTION      :    Senior Program Producer with a friendly and vibrant personalty.She has much   experience in  the digital as well as manual production of Radio Programs. Editing of Radio programs, however complicated, or incorporating information  from various  sources and comprehensively binding them together into coherent  Programs, is her   specialty.






Shirumalee Fernando










PROGRAMS  : Concert Hall/Jazz Program & etc.

Description   : This shy and diminutive young lady hides a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the field  of music behind her friendly facade.

Classical Music is her forte.She is generous with her knowledge as a Senior Program Producer, and is always ready to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it.


Dominic Perera










DESCRIPTION  :  He is whom you can call the "Genius at the Console".His knowledge of Music,especially  the musicians and music genres and singers of the 60s,70s,80s & 90s is truly phenomenal.Though a Senior Program Producer of great ability,his talent truly comes to the fore when he is behind the console,satisfying all manner of listeners.



Shareefa Thahir










PROGRAMS: Week end Chart Show / Live on Air


Victor Raj

PROGRAMS        : Sunday Night Greetings / Live on Air

DESCRIPTION    :  The soft -spoken guy with a versatile voice.He has plenty of experience,both "in -house" as in Radio Announcer as well away,as in compering live events like sports,musical,socio-political,business and dance events.
A person who is always available,even at short -nitice,to help out colleagues.Equally comfortable in all three languages.

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