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Placing deposits and accepting nominations under the 2nd stage of the Local Government Polls will begin from Monday

Under the second stage placing deposits and accepting nominations for 248 more local government institutions will begin on Monday. The election secretarial says the deadline for this process is at 12 noon on the 20th of this month. Accepting nominations for these local government bodies will begin on Monday the 18th and will end on Thursday 21st at 12 noon.

The 2nd stage includes 17 Municipal councils, 23 Urban councils and 208 Pradeshiya Sabhas. Accepting nominations for the first stage for the Local Government Polls ended 12.00 noon on Thursday. The election commission says 30 political parties and 49 independent groups have handed over nominations lists to contest 93 local government bodies at the first stage. The first stage includes 7 Municipal councils 18 Urban Councils and 68 Pradeshiya Sabhas.

After completion of handing over nominations, the Chairman of the Commission Mahinda Deshapriya will announce the date of the Local Government Polls. He said even though accepting nominations is conducted in two stages, the voting of the polls will be held in a single day.

The project of constructing 18,000 housing units for low income families is in progress


Urban Development Advisor of the Housing Development Authority Chandana Liyanaarachchi says that the project of constructing 18,000 housing units of low income families have achieved a vast progress, at present. These houses will be constructed under the theme of “Supasan parisarayak - Suhuru diviyak”, with all facilities.
The value of a house is 3 million rupees. The families should be paid at a concessionary premium of 2800 rupees monthly instalment. The necessary funds for the project will be provided by the Bank of Ceylon and the People’s Bank. He made these remarks participating at a programme of the SLBC this morning

The Asian Development Bank provides loans for the Integrated Road Investment Program and the Jaffna Kilinochchi Water Supply Project.

The Government of Sri Lanka entered into three Loan Agreements worth of 270 million US dollars with the Asian Development Bank for the implementation of two projects, namely the Integrated Road Investment Program and the Jaffna Kilinochchi Water Supply Project.

A loan of 150 million dollars was obtained for the investments required for the 4th Tranche of the Integrated Road Investment Program and two loans worth of 120 million dollars were obtained as additional financing for the ongoing Jaffna-Kilinochchi Water Supply Project.

The Integrated Road Investment Program is being implemented in six Provinces. The Southern, Central, Sabaragamuwa, North Western, North Central Provinces and Kalutara District in Western Province will come under the program which commenced in 2014 with financial assistance from the Asian Development Bank. Around 3,108 kilometers of rural access roads and about 248 kilometers of national roads will be improved and maintained under this program.

The Elections Commissioner comments on the rejection of nomination papers.

Nominations for 93 local government bodies across 21 districts were called on Thursday. 447 nominations lists of 30 political parties and 49 independent groups were submitted. Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya speaking at a media briefing stated that guidelines were issued with regard to the preparation of nomination papers. This was with the intention of preventing errors in the filing of nominations. Therefore, political parties whose nominations were rejected can take up the matter in the courts.

The minister of health to begin an operation to nab fake doctors.

Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine Dr. Rajitha Senaratne had decided to seek assistance from the Police Headquarters to apprehend fake doctors. Information on 30,000 fake doctors has been uncovered thus far.

The Ministry points out that doctors serving in the private sector should register at the Private Health Services Regulatory Council. It requests all doctors in the private sector to extend their fullest support and co-operation to make this process a success.

The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation celebrates its 92nd birthday today.

The first chapter of the history of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation dates back 92 years. Its first pre-cursor, “Colombo Radio”, was launched on 16th of December 1925, which was 92 years ago, today. Commenced just 3 years after the launch of BBC, Colombo Radio was the first ever radio station in Asia.
Edward Harper, was the first person to actively promote broadcasting in Ceylon. He came to Ceylon, in 1921, as the Chief Engineer of the Telegraph Office. In the first radio experiments conducted in Colombo, gramophone music was broadcast from a tiny room in the Central Telegraph Office, with the aid of a small transmitter built by engineers of the Telegraph Department, using radio equipment from a captured German submarine.
The experiment was a success and a regular broadcasting service was instituted in Ceylon. The station was named "Colombo Radio," with the call sign "Colombo Calling."
This new medium of mass communication not only became increasingly popular in the years that followed, but also quickly evolved into a medium of national character. In 1949 the ‘call sign’ became ‘Radio Ceylon’.
Subsequently in 1967, it was transformed into its present statutory form of a state corporation, by the Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation Act No: 37 of 1966.
In 1972, with the transition of the country into the status of a “Republic", the organization acquired its present name, The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

Earthquake hits Indonesia’s Java island

A strong earthquake shook the Indonesian capital yesterday on the country’s most populous island of Java, killing an unknown number of people, amid reports of collapsed buildings. Authorities issued a tsunami warning for parts of Java’s coastline after the quake struck just before midnight. Strong tremors were felt for about 20 seconds in the capital city and in areas in western and central Java. The US Geological Survey said the earthquake had a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter Scale. Indonesia sits on the “Pacific Ring of Fire” and has frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The Prime Minister says, passports will be printed with modern technology in near future.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says the government is committed to increase exports by strengthening local entrepreneurs. Measures will also be taken to attract more foreign investors into the country.  The Prime Minister made these remarks when he made an observation visit in the Thomas De La Ru & Company in the Biyagama investment zone yesterday. 


The government has signed 3 agreements with Asian Development Bank for a loan facility amounting to 270 million dollars to invest on the joint project to develop the water supply system and road network .

The government has signed  3 agreements with Asian Development Bank for a loan facility amounting to 270 million dollars to invest on the joint project to develop the water supply system and road network in Jaffna and Kilinochchi. The joint project on road development will include southern ,central, Sabaragamuwa , north western , north central  and western province.


Minister Faizer Mustafa points out that no room will be provided to accommodate relations in the nomination list of the forthcoming local government election.

Minister of local government and provincial council Faizer Mustafa emphasizes the importance of eliminating malpractices in the forthcoming local government elections. The minister also said, no room will be provided for the relations to  include in the nomination list in the forthcoming local government election.


Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam instructs the relevant officials to take stern action against the school principals who try to provide uniform clothes instead of vouchers to the students.

Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam instructs the relevant officials to take stern action against the school principals who  try to provide uniform clothes   instead of vouchers to the students. The education ministry has strictly given instructions to the schools to distribute free vouchers to the students. The students will use the vouchers to purchase uniform clothes.


The use of polythene banned in election propaganda activities.

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday instructed the Central Environment Authority to ban the use of polythene for election decorations. He also advised on strict action to be taken in accordance with the law against those who violate the ban. He ordered the CEA to hold a meeting with all stakeholders and make them aware about the regulation.

These instructions were given during a meeting at the Presidential Secretariat held to discuss matters related to improving efficiency in waste management at local authorities.

The President also inquired into the progress made in implementing the cabinet decisions pertaining to the management of polythene and plastic use. He also discussed matters related to the management of clinical and electronic waste.

Sri Lanka becomes the 163rd country to accede to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention.

Sri Lanka has become the 163rd country to accede to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, or Ottawa Convention. Sri Lanka last year pledged to join the international community in supporting the ongoing landmine elimination programme.

The convention prohibits of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines.

An event to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Ottawa Convention themed 'A World Free of Landmines' was convened at the UN office. It was organised jointly by the Permanent Missions of Belgium, Canada, and Colombia. Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative, Dr Rohan Perera, welcomed the initiatives taken by the Missions and the contribution made by the countries it represents, in making the Ottawa treaty a reality.

French school bus cut in two, in rail crash

At least four children were killed and 19 people injured, when a train crashed into a school bus at a level crossing in southern France. The bus, which was carrying around 20 students from a local secondary school, was struck by the train in Millas, close to the Spanish border. The bus was split in two by the force of the crash. Around 70 emergency workers and four helicopters were deployed as part of the rescue effort. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who flew to Millas by helicopter, said the process of identifying the victims was "extremely difficult".

The government has decided to create Subsidized Price Markets in view of the upcoming festive season.

The government has decided to create subsidized price markets with the participation of the private sector in view of the upcoming festive season. Thereby, a decision has been made to introduce a ‘relief hamper’ consisting of 8 essential commodities. These essentials include rice, dhal, sugar, sprats, onions, potatoes and canned fish. This decision was taken at a meeting held at Temple Trees under the patronage of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe with the participation of Ministers Mangala Samaraweera and Rishad Bathiyudeen and representatives from various state and private institutions.


The Flying Squad of the Consumer Affairs Authority to continue raids against errant traders selling coconuts above the Control Price.

Chairman of the Coconut Cultivation Board, Kapila Yakandaawala states that the Maximum Retail Price of a Coconut is 75 rupees. The Wholesale Price ranges between 40 to 45 rupees. The Consumer Affairs Authority is currently conducting raids to nab errant traders involved in selling nuts for higher prices.


The Prime Minister focuses his attention on the obstacles faced by Universities.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has advised the Vice Chancellors of Universities to take necessary steps to provide quality based education, instead of focusing on constructing buildings in University premises. He expressed these views at a discussion held at Temple Trees today regarding obstacles that are faced in universities and future educational plans.


Nomination lists of the newly formed ‘Lotus Bud’ party have been rejected for several Local Government Bodies.

Nomination lists of the newly formed ‘Lotus Bud’ party, the Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna, have been rejected for several Local Government bodies. Nominations for the Local Government bodies of Maharagama, Badulla, Mahiyanganaya, Panadura, Weligama and Agalawatta were rejected.


The President pledges to provide all required facilities for the security forces to be equip with knowledge and expertise.

President Maithripala Sirisena said that the Government will provide all the necessary facilities to equip the Sri Lankan security forces with knowledge as well as expertise when implementing state policy on national security.

He made these remarks speaking at the graduation ceremony of Sapugaskanda Defence Services Command and Staff College yesterday. Addressing the gathering the President further said that when fulfilling responsibilities of national security in a peaceful country as well as fulfilling responsibilities of regional security with the assistance of the international community, our security forces should equip with the technical knowledge and wisdom.

The President also appreciated the great humanitarian service rendered by the security forces during national disaster situations, and also valued the excellent support given to the fight against the drugs smuggling and other illegal activities, in addition to their national security responsibilities. President Sirisena awarded degree certificate to several officers and presented awards for the local and foreign officers for their outstanding performances.

Prime Minister says Sri Lankans have the innovations and creative skills to produce the best products in the world.

The Guinness Record Certificate of the tallest Christmas Tree was presented to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe, at Temple Trees, yesterday. The Premier stated that considerable tasks can be accomplished optimizing the creativity of Sri Lankans. It was the same creativity that made the tallest Christmas Tree in the world a reality. He pointed out that it is significant for largest Christmas Tree to stand tall in a country where the majority are non-Christians. He observed that there was no division such as “Sinhala”, “Tamil” and “Muslim” when this task was accomplished. He added that it points out the necessity for Sri Lanka to project to the world the importance of national co-existence.

The time period to submit applications for postal voting of the local government election has been extended up to 22nd of this month.

The deadline to accept postal voting applications for the Local Government Election has been extended till the 22nd of December. A release signed by the Chairman of Elections Mahinda Deshapriya was issued citing the extension. The Elections Commission said District Returning Officers have had to reject a majority of postal voting applications received at present. The Commission said the applications were completed according to information in the voter register compiled for the 2015 General Elections. The Commission stressed that applications for the Local Government Election should be directed according to information in the 2017 voter register. The Elections Commission added further details can be obtained through the lists displayed at District Offices, Divisional Secretariats, Local Government bodies, and Grama Niladhari offices, including selected state institutions. Information could also be obtained via

The Chairman of Elections reiterated the deadline to accept postal voting applications would not be extended after the 22nd of December under any circumstance.

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