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A special Glaucoma screening clinic will be held at National Eye Hospital today.

Six percent of Sri Lanka’s population have been affected by Glaucoma, Health Services acting Director General Dr. Jayasundara Bandara said. Addressing the media at the Health Education Bureau in Colombo yesterday, he said there is a five percent possibility of transmitting the diseases hereditary.


Senate intelligence panel rejects Trump wiretap claim.

There are "no indications" that Trump Tower was under surveillance by the US government before or after the election, a Senate committee has said. The statement from Republican Senator Richard Burr, Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, dismissed Donald Trump's claim his phones were tapped. Mr Trump had accused his predecessor Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the presidential race. But White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Mr Trump maintains his claims.

Dutch election: Wilders defeat celebrated by PM Rutte.

Dutch people rejected "the wrong kind of populism", Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said, as he celebrated victory in Wednesday's election. "The Netherlands said 'Whoa!'" he declared after his center-right VVD party's lead positioned him for a third successive term as prime minister. With nearly all votes counted, his party easily beat the anti-immigration Freedom party of Geert Wilders. Fellow eurozone countries France and Germany also face elections this year.

The President says an effective program will be implemented to the process to cultivate cultivable vacant lands.

President Maithripala Sirisena  says an effective program with strong objective will be implemented for the process to develop productions through cultivating vacant lands that are cultivable.  The President was speaking at a ceremony to present ‘Ranbimaka Urumaya’ deeds and grant documents by ensuring the land rights of the people in Hambantota District. The ceremony was held today at the new conference hall in Hambantota.

The President pointed out that the lands in the country should be utilized correctly for the process of production as an agricultural country. He said it will be an important matter in alleviating the poverty. He requested all politicians not to act partially when giving the right for lands which is a human right. He further stated that the consensual government today is moving forward giving an example to the world. The importance of this will be discussedtomorrow though it may not be discussed today.

 It is planned to distribute 10,000 title deeds in this year, giving legal rights to land, to the low- to middle-income farming communities as well as for the farmers who illegally occupied these lands and cultivated them for long periods of time in the Hambantota District. They have been given the right to continue the use of land for their residential and agricultural purposes under the Land Development Ordinance. Today, under its first phase 2,946 title deeds were distributed among the recipients.

Government pledges to take every possible measure to rescue Sri Lankan mariners in the abducted vessel.

Minister Mangala Samaraweera says every possible measure will be taken to rescue Sri Lankan mariners in the vessel which was abducted by Somalian pirates. Sri Lankan Ambassador in Ethiopia has started talks with the Somalian authorities in this connection.

Meanwhile, the family members of the 8 abducted mariners met Minister Mangala Samaraweera today and the minister pledged to inform them regarding the latest situation.

Sri Lanka wins Commonwealth Young Person of the Year 2017 award.

The co-founder of a foundation which supports persons with disabilities in Sri Lanka has been named Commonwealth Young Person of the Year 2017. Krystle Reid co-founded Enable Lanka Foundation to break stereotypes and stigma, and was recognized along with three other outstanding regional winners in this year’s Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work.


The Sri Lankan permanent representative says the special Rapporteur on Minority Issues praised and appreciated the current developments taking place in Sri Lanka.

The Sri Lankan permanent representative to UN, Ravinatha Aryasinha says the special Rapporteur on Minority Issues praised and appreciated the current developments taking place in Sri Lanka. He also recalled the event where a special report was presented to UN Human Rights Council by Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, Ms. Rita Izsák, following her country visit to Sri Lanka, from 10-20 October 2016 at the invitation of the Government.


Individual house owners to establish their own electricity generating process with the help of solar power has been very successful in a short period.

The project introduced by the government to help the individual house owners to establish their own electricity generating process with the help of solar power has yielded good results in a short period. The process also includes a low interest loan system to the individual house owners to purchase the relevant infrastructure and to re-pay the loan in long term installments.


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