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The positive strides made by the country in human rights draws praise from the UN Commissioner of Human Rights.

The positive progress made by Sri Lanka pertaining to human rights has drawn praise of the UN Commissioner of Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein.


A special meeting will be held today under the patronage of the President to address the challenges of the prevailing drought condition.

A special meeting will be held today under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena to focus on the prevailing drought condition and to address the greediness of the affected people. The meeting will also pay attention on the progress made in providing relief assistance to the affected people. The discussion is expected to focus on the future activities of the presidential task force established in this regard. 
Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister Lakshman Senevirathne stated at a media conference held yesterday, that drinking water facilities are being provided to the affected areas through 200 bowsers. 

Italy avalanche: 'Many missing' in Rigopiano hotel in Abruzzo

Rescuers say up to 30 people are missing after a hotel in central Italy was hit by an avalanche, apparently triggered by an earthquake. Rescuers battled overnight to reach the Rigopiano hotel, with the first of them arriving on skis. Snow dislodged by the avalanche had blocked the roads in. One person has been pulled dead from the snow. At least three came out alive but most others appear still buried.

The President says school children are the pragmatic messengers in fulfilling social responsibilities for sustainable development.

President Maithripala Sirisena says school children are the most realistic messengers in the process of fulfilling the social responsibility and duties to attain the sustainable development. He made these remarks participating in the inauguration ceremony of the establishing of Sustainable Development School Societies, held at Kengalla Maha Vidyalaya in Digana, today.  The President said that this is an era that we should be prepared for today as well as for tomorrow without delaying and also we must fulfill our respective duties in this regard without postponing. He also said that the sustainable development goals at any rate, we cannot postpone for tomorrow.
President Sirisena further said that the world powers who always provide guidance and advices to us, did the serious damage to the human society by increasing the global average temperature as well as polluting the air, in their development drive. He also said that all the living creatures, including the human being had to face a serious challenge of survival due the acts by the super powers neglecting the natural and environmental values.
This programme launched under the theme “Sonduru Lama Lowak-Surakshita Hetak”, under the guidance of Presidential Secretariat and the Ministry of Education and with the supervision of the Provincial Education Ministries.

The meeting of key officers of the Dubai dialogue will be held at the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel on the Monday and Tuesday.

The meeting of key officers of the Dubai dialogue will be held at the Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel on the Monday and Tuesday. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and Ministers of Labour Affairs of the member countries will attend the event. The dialogue is chaired by Minister Thalatha Athukorala for two years. The dialogue has 18 member countries so far. 

The Ministry of Health says no scientific evidences have been found that Japanese Encephalitis is on the rise in the country.

The Ministry of Health announces that several patients inflicted with Japanese Encephalitis were found at the Ratnapura General Hospital during last three weeks. All of the patients were given proper treatments and have recovered successfully. The Ministry of Health further announced that it is not an epidemic. It also says no scientific evidences have been found that the disease is on the rise in the country. 

The President points out the school children are the best messengers to take the message of sustainable development to the society.

President Maithripala Sirisena says the school children are the realistic messenger of the country when fulfilling the responsibility of sustainable social development. He stated this participating in an inaugural ceremony of establishing sustainable development societies in Deegana Kengalla Maha Vidyalaya this morning.  He also emphasized that the sustainable development activities cannot be postponed for tomorrow at any means.

 The President also reiterated  the leading countries in the world  make severe damages to the environment and atmosphere. These countries  also control the third world countries and the developing nation through unnecessary rules and regulations. Therefore the countries like Sri Lanka has to overcome the challenges and protect the environment in a more pragmatic way.  Sri Lanka has implemented many programmes to protect the environment. The President also emphasized that Sri Lanka and the people of this country will march forward for the benefit of the future generation while protecting the sovereignty and natural resources.

The world food programme extends fullest support to Sri Lanka to overcome the challenges of drought condition.

Executive director of the world food programme Etherin Koshin has pledged to provide necessary support and aid to Sri Lanka to overcome challenges with the face of drought. She has given this pledge at a discussion held with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe at the economic summit in Davos. The Prime Minister has also discussed with her on the preliminary measures to be taken for making relief to the people affected by the existing drought.

Special attention was focused on the problems arisen for the agricultural sector and the hydro power electricity generation. The Prime Minister also pointed that under these circumstances, the government has to import rice and fuel for electricity generation. He reiterated that relief measures should be taken for the people who are depending on agriculture.

Mrs. Koshin while appreciating the support given by the Sri Lanka government for the world food programme said she will engage in a tour in Sri Lanka on the 10th of next month. The Prime minister also submitted facts on the education reform activities in Sri Lanka to her. Finally Mrs. Koshin commended the present government development moves and positive plans.

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