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The Army commander says some elements are attempting to brake the trust between the people in north and south.

Army commander Lt. General Mahesh Senanayake says the people in the north has rejected terrorism. The trust between the people in the north and the south is now building up.  The army has taken maximum measures to further strengthen this trust.  However, some elements are again attempting to break the trust between tow the parties.


The President says the public servants should serve the people honestly.

President Maithripala Sirisena says if any section of the public service is subjected to public dissatisfaction and opposition, the relevant heads of the sections should be responsible. Any time the government will appear for any public servant who serves honestly according to his conscience.

The President made these remarks at a ceremony held at the Central Provincial Sports Complex in Digana this evening. A group of farming families in Victoria and Kothmale zones were distributed with title deeds for their lands under the "national Programme' to Grant 100,000 title deeds to Mahaweli families.

The President further said that the government is always subjected to various allegations and protests when carrying out public services. It is a special feature in a democratic country. The president stresses that the present government allows such protests as it has strengthened freedom and democracy in the island.

In the past period, the people in the country had fear to demand their rights. Even the politicians were scared to express their genuine views during that period. That despotic era is now over now and people can entertain the democratic rights. However, it is the responsibility of the general public to be aware of the difference between that era and the present situation.

50,000 houses for war affected people.

Secretary to the Ministry of National Unity and Reconciliation V Shivagnanasothy says the Cabinet has approved a proposal to construct 50,000 houses for the people affected by the war.  This proposal has been presented by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.

The President vehemently condemns the terrorist attack in Spain and extended his condolences to the Spanish King.

President  vehemently condemns the terrorist attack occurred  in Spain and extended his condolences to the Spanish King Philipe the 6th. In his condolence message the president stressed that Sri Lanka is thoroughly against  any terrorist activity in any part of the world.


Minister Duminda Dissanayake says the SLFP has no idea to change the present prime minister.

General Secretary of the SLFP  Duminda Dissanayake says, there is no idea to change the  present prime minister and make a replacement from the SLFP.  No discussion in this connection has even been held so far.


The new Foreign Minister says, priority will be given to promote the image of Sri Lanka among the intellectual community.

Thilak Marapana says that embassies and consular will be directed in a manner that the image of the country will be rectified further in the international community . He stated this when he assumed office this morning.
He also said his ministry would contribute to promote tourism industry investments and foreign aid.
He stated that the country is on the correct track and need not have any fear regarding the Geneva proposal. No foreign judges will be involved in any judicial activity in Sri Lanka.

Web journalists praised the government for reduction of the tax on data.

The professional web journalist's association praised the government for its decision to remove the 10 percent telecommunication tax imposed on international relations. At a media briefing held in Colombo today, convener of the association Freddie Gamage said, due to low cost of data more people will go on line.


President Maithripala Sirisena reiterates that the economy of the country will be strengthened by the establishment of national economic council.

President Maithripala Sirisena reiterates that the economy of the country will be strengthened by the establishment of national economic council. The President further said the main objective of this establishment is to promote export income and domestic industrial development. President Sirisena also said a special programme is underway to develop the agriculture sector with the support of modern technologies. Another objective of the establishment of economic council is to promote the industrial sector of the country.


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