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The order of ‘fuel only to vehicles’ has been removed

Minister Arjuna Ranatunga said that the Petroleum Corporation has issued 123 metric tons of additional stock of patrol yesterday. The Corporation planned to issue 3,000 metric tons of petrol today and it released same amount of patrol yesterday as well.


Trump urges N Korea to 'come to table' over nuclear issue

US President Donald Trump has urged North Korea to "come to the table" and discuss giving up its nuclear weapons. Striking a different tone from previous fiery rhetoric, he said he "hoped to God" he did not have to use the US military against Pyongyang.


Sri Lanka cricket team departs island for a tour in India

Sri Lanka cricket team will start a tour in India today. At a ceremony held in Sri Lanka Cricket prior to departure, skipper Dinesh Chandimal said his team is ready accept the challenges of strong Indian team. The first test against India will begin on the 16th.

A project to be launched to enhance fuel storage facilities.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe stated in parliament today that a project will be launched to enhance fuel storage facilities. Discussions are underway with the Indian government with regard to this matter. Another oil refinery will be established in Hambanthota. In addition to the petroleum tanker brought down by the Petroleum Corporation, India has promised to send another tanker. It is expected to dock on Friday.
Meanwhile, minister Arjuna Ranatunga pointed out that the ship that was sent back had oil samples that were rejected at two laboratory tests. The present situation is due to the delay in the arrival of the expected tanker. It is expected to dock by 9 pm tomorrow. Fuel distribution will return to normalcy from Thursday onwards.
A cabinet sub-committee will be appointed to investigate into the petroleum issue and any underlying causes that the paved way to it.

The tax upon imported and dubbed tele dramas, films and commercial programmes, to be increased with immediate effect.

The tax upon imported and dubbed tele dramas, films and commercial programmes will be increased with immediate effect. It has been observed that certain programmes include content that is contrary to local traditions. Experts in the field have requested the Ministry Of Finance And Media to take necessary steps to alleviate the damage caused to the local industry by the import of such material. Thereby, three gazette notifications containing charges for such imported programmes, have been cancelled. A new gazette will be released detailing charges that will come into effect from midnight today. According to the new charges, the present fee of 90 thousand rupees  which is charged  for a programme dubbed in Sinhala or Tamil which has  a duration of 30 minutes and spreads over not more than 4 series, will be increased to 150 thousand rupees. However, if the programmes are telecast in the original form, without being dubbed, the tax will not be applicable.

The SLFP has completed its selection of candidates contesting the forthcoming local government elections.

General secretary of the SLFP Minister Duminda Dissanayake says that the party has completed its selections for candidates contesting the forthcoming local government elections. Speaking at a media briefing held at the SLFP headquarters today he said that, a training programme was also conducted for these selected candidates. He further stated that many have proposed that the party contest the election under the “hand” symbol. However, the contesting symbol has not been decided upon. He called upon the support of all SLFPers to stand by the party in order to continue the development activities that consensus government has already begun.

China to build world's highest planetarium in Tibet

China will begin construction of the world's highest planetarium in Tibet, next year. It will have the region's largest optical astronomical telescope. Planned to be completed in 2019, the planetarium will be built within the Tibet Museum of Natural Sciences in Tibet's provincial capital Lhasa. Dubbed as the "Roof of the World" on account of its altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, Tibet has superb clear skies which are ideal for astronomical observation.

The US has agreed to support Sri Lanka to enhance economic and many other bilateral relations

The United States has agreed to support Sri Lanka in trade, investment, foreign aid and direct partnership with all stake holders. The US is also ready to maintain strong trade and economic relations with Sri Lanka.  Issuing a joint statement after the dialogue of Sri Lanka US partnership  held in Colombo yesterday, leader of the US delegation under secretary of state for political affairs ambassador Thomas Sannon said bilateral relations of the two countries are significantly growing.


The Central Bank has decided to maintain a current fiscal policy set up unchanged

The central Bank monetary board has decided to continue  the current fiscal policy set up unchanged.  The decision has taken as the current policy is consistent with the objective of maintaining inflation at mid-single digit levels over the medium term and thereby facilitating a sustainable growth trajectory.


China anger after doctor sued over smoker's death

Chinese social media users are reacting angrily after a doctor was ordered to pay compensation for his alleged role in a smoker's death.The doctor, surnamed Yang, was told by a court in central Henan province that he must pay compensation of 2,200 dollars as a matter of "principle fairness" to the family of an elderly man surnamed Feng, who died in May.


International goodwill will be used to build a better future for children – President

President Maithripala Sirisena says the government uses the international assistance for Sri Lanka


The Japanese government extends fullest support to strengthen the maritime security of Sri Lanka

The Japanese government extends fullest support to strengthen the maritime security of Sri Lanka. The Japanese Foreign Affairs State Minister Kazuyuki Nakane made this pledge when he met the State Defence Minister Ruwan Wijayawardena yesterday. Japanese State Minister was an official visit to Sri Lanka on invitation of State Minister Ruwan Wijayawardena.


The Sri lanka Medical Association calls upon medical students of all state medical faculties to return immediately to their academic activities

The Sri lanka Medical Association issuing a statement on the decision of the government to abolish the SAITM and to establish a not-for-profit institute under the Higher Education Ministry calls upon medical students of all state medical faculties to immediately return to their respective academic activities, without any further delay. It also requests the parents of medical students of all state medical faculties to encourage and ensure that their children return to their academic activities without further delay.
A statement bearing the signature of the President of the Sri lanka Medical Association, Prof Chandrika Wijayaratne, requests the academic staff of all state medical faculties and their respective medical teachers' trade unions to create, ensure and sustain an environment in which students can commence and continue with their already interrupted academic activities, without any further delay. It also states that the University Grants Commission needs to ensure that all categories of staff attached to all medical faculties perform their duties as per UGC and other relevant government rules, regulations and circulars.
The association points out that all medical doctors in Sri Lanka must adhere to and maintain, the highest standards of professionalism in providing healthcare services to the citizens of Sri Lanka without interruption.
The Sri Lanka Medical Association is particularly concerned that under existing rules and regulations in the Medical Ordinance and the Universities Act, the Sri Lanka Medical Council has only limited powers to regulate and ensure standards of medical education in Sri Lanka. Therefore, there is an urgent need to enact legislation to make the SLMC an independent authority with adequate powers to protect the public from unqualified or substandard medical practitioners. The association also wishes to state that this organization, as the apex medical body that represents all grades of doctors in the country, is not against properly constituted and regulated Private Medical Education in the country. It adds that, however, the issue of Private Medical Education needs further discussion.

The President says that the internaitonal co-oporation gained by a proactive and friendly foreign policy is to create a stable future for the children of the country.

President Maithripala Sirisena says that the internaitonal co-oporation gained by the country through a proactive and friendly foreign policy, will be made use of for the future development of the country and thereby to create a stable future for the children of the country. He expresed these views participating at the opening ceremony of a new adminsitrative block at the Matara Deiyandara National School today.  He further stated that it is necessary for the education system  to produce intellectuals who are able to carry forward the development of the country.  He pointed out that  the present governemnt has rendered an unmatched service to free education.

The minsiter of Petroelum Resources Development says that an oil tanker is due to dock on Wednesday and the distribution of its fuel will commence on Thrusday.

Minister Arjuna Ranatunga says that an oil tanker is due to dock on Wednesday and the distribution of its fuel will commence on Thrusday. Speaking at a media briefing held in Colombo today he stated that this shipment which was initially due to arrive on the 23rd of November is confirmed to arrive on the 8th. The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation is tracking the vessel closely and all relevant staff is on standby to immediately receive the shipment and commence distribution on the very next day.

He poihted out that the reason for the present crisis is because the stock of fuel of an oil tanker that anchored previously was sent back due to the stock being substandard. To address the current situation 7500 metric tons of fuel is being released form the Kolonnawa Oil Refinery. He added that the prevailing stocks are sufficient to meet the demand until the expected tanker arrives. He hopes the general public will take note of the situation and act in an understanding manner.

Many proposals to grant concessions to the public to be incorporated in the forthcoming budget.

Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says,  that many proposals to grant  concessions  to the public  have been submitted to the ministry of finance to be incorporated in the forthcoming budget.  He expressed these views  particiapting at the opening ceremony of an exhibition of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources held in Hambanthotha yesterday. He also stated that since  December and January  are months of festivities,  the government  ahs taken measures  to control the cost of living during this period.  He pointed out that several steps have already been taken with the intervention of the President to make essential food items  available at concessionary prices through SATHOSA outlets.

Australian parliamentarians 'to disclose citizenship'

Australia's Prime Minister has announced new rules to make all federal politicians declare their citizenship status. It comes amid a dual citizenship saga, which has led to six politicians losing their office. In Australia, dual citizens are not allowed to run for federal office. Malcolm Turnbull unveiled the new disclosure rules today in a bid to clear up the uncertainty around politicians' eligibility in Canberra. However, the plan will need to be voted on, in both, the upper and lower houses in Australia's parliament, before coming into force.

The Annual Awards Ceremony by the National Social Security Board was held in Colombo this morning

The national awarding ceremony 2017 of Sri Lanka Social security board was held at the Lotus Pond Theatre in Colombo this morning under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena. The officials who have achieved the targets 


The president has appointed a new committee to find a final solution for the SAITM issue

President Maithripala Sirisena has appointed a new committee  to implement the  new proposals on the  SAITM University in Malabe. The committee earlier appointed by the president  under the  leadership of deputy minister Dr.Harsha de Silva has  introduced  a positive  set of proposals  in this connection.


Parliamentarian Jayampathy Wickremarathne says opposition elements could not wage a successful protest against the proposed new constitution

Parliamentarian Dr. Jayampathy Wickremarathne says the elements who are against the proposed new constitution had the opportunity to express their views against the it at the parliamentary debate on this matter. They could not substantiate their opposition at this debate.


5 persons have died by a bus accident in Mundalama

The police say that 5 persons have died by the Collison of a bus and a three wheeler at  Mundala in Chillaw Puttlam road this morning.  49  have injured and admitted to Chillaw , Mundalama and PUttlam hospitals.  The  Dead bodies of the victims are now at the Puttlam hospital mortuary.

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