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State Minister Palitha Range Bandara says the joint opposition which does not respect the court order, have no rights to show that they stand up for the common masses.

State Minister Palitha Range Bandara says the joint opposition which does not respect the court order, do not have any right to show that they stand up for the rights of common masses. Mr. Range Bandara made these remarks at a media conference held at Anuradhapura Vilachchiya area yesterday. He further said the joint opposition is alleged to have violated the court orders and some members are facing accusations for contempt of the court. Therefore, they don’t have any ethical background to show that they stand for the rights of the common masses.

The President pointed out that the language should be a bridge to unite people.

President Maithripala Sirisena says the language should be a bridge to unite people.


Rain continues in several districts.

Several low lying areas are being inundated due to heavy rains experience in several areas in the island. The water level of Kalu Ganga is rising rapidly. The Kalutara district unit of the Disaster Management center says the water level of Kalu ganga has risen to 6 meters from 4.5 meters by 3.00 PM today according to the water level meter of the Millakanda in Kalutara.


Steps will be taken to protect the Sri Lankan maritime boarders from the Indian Fishermen.

A special discussion on the subject of Indian fishermen breaching Sri Lankan maritime boarders is being held in New Delhi today. The ministerial level talks are led by Minister Mahinda Amaraweera leading the Sri Lankan team.


Steps to develop temples on pillars

President Maithripala Sirisena has directed relevant sections to implement a special program to preserve Temples on Pillars popularly known as “Tampita Viharas”. The building of temples on pillars was popular in Sri Lanka during the Kandy and Gampola periods. 204 Tampita Viharas have been recognized by now while 6 of them have been preserved. The preservation work is being done on another 85 Tampita Viharas. The President directed the relevant sections to provide adequate human resource for this task. The President was recently presented a book on a research done on the Tampita Viharas in Sri Lanka. The book was published by the Sankathana Research Unit of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya. During the discussion attention was also paid on the proposals suggested in this book. The government’s program to protect and preserve the places of archeological values was reviewed at this meeting.  The President directed the officials to implement a special security program to protect places of archeological values in remote areas, with the help of Police, Civil Security Force and Archeological Department.

Compensation for food and landslide victims to be completed by next month

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday instructed to expedite post-disaster relief activities and complete compensation payment for people affected by floods and landslides, by November. The Prime Minister made this instruction chairing a progress review meeting in the South, which was attended by the public officials in Galle, Matara, Ratnapura and Kalutara, the four districts worst affected by the torrential rains lashed in May and June. The Premier, observing that compensation payment has been unduly delayed despite the Government disbursing the necessary funds long time ago, pitched into the authorities asking as to why they failed to pass the funds to the affected people immediately. He noted that the economy in the affected areas could have been restored by now, had the affected entrepreneurs and the tea industry received compensation swiftly. He was highly critical of the lethargy of the officials that he even said at one point that dropping down currency notes from the air using helicopters, for anybody on the ground to collect, could have been a better option, considering the inordinate delay shown by the authorities. He instructed the officials to use the disbursed money before the end of this year, reminding them that those allocations would not be available to be used next year.

The UN Special Rapporteur for truth and justice to participate at several programs in Mannar

At the invitation of the Government of Sri Lanka, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence, Mr. Pablo de Greiff, is currently on an official country visit to Sri Lanka. He conducted an official tour in Jaffna Yesterday. He is due to participate at a number of programs in Mannar today. Many issues that those who were affected by the three decade long war had to undergo, including the violation of human rights, will come under his observation.

Prof. M.O.A De Soyza says that it is hilarious when those who have no knowledge of political science speak about constitutional reforms.

Professor M.O.A de Soyza says that a new constitution to the country is mandatory.  Joining the Subarathi programme of SLBC yesterday he said that the aim of the government to formulate a new constitution in which democracy is established at its wholesome level. He said that executive powers in the Presidency of the present constitution should be abolished.  The attention of the government is focused upon this issue.  He pointed out that the government has made necessary reforms to curtail certain executive powers from the presidency. He appreciated the functioning of the entire parliament as a Constitutional Assembly.

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