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The President says youth should be educated on the social evils caused by narcotics.

The government has planned to implement an awareness programme to educate youth on knowledge, skills, discipline and attitude. The aim of the programme is to make the youth active, dynamic and socially motivated individuals. A discussion in this connection was held at the President’s secretariat under the patronage of the President. Addressing the gathering the President said the youth community should be educated on the damages caused by narcotics to the society They will also be trained to use modern technology and internet for the well being of society.

The youth will also be enlightened on quality food consumer patterns food security, sustainable environmental conservation, child safety , control of renal diseases, control of drugs and many other topics. The initial programme will be held at the Polonnaruwa royal college from 27th to the 29th of this month. Shramadana campaigns, vocational training sessions and counseling for local and foreign jobs will also be held during this period.

The newly constructed S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike Training Center at the premises of Sapugaskanda oil refinery plant was declared open by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga yesterday.

The newly constructed S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike Training Center at the premises of Sapugaskanda oil refinery plant was declared open by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga yesterday.


Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, named top adviser.

President-elect Donald Trump has named his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as one of his senior White House advisers.The 35-year-old played a key role in the presidential campaign and his new White House job will cover both domestic and foreign policy.


The President instructs the officials to properly enforce laws on securing the intellectual property.

President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed the relevant officials to properly implement the existing laws on securing the intellectual property. If the existing laws are not adequate new rules and regulations should be compiled to minimize the exploitation of intellectual property.

The President gave these instructions at a discussion held this evening at the President’s Secretariat with a group of artists and relevant officials. They focused attention on measures that will be taken to proper payment of royalty to the writers and protecting the copyrights.

The President also instructed the Ministry of Mass Media to take measures to upgrade the quality of media culture in Sri Lanka. Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka was also present at this meeting.

Representatives of all political parties met today to take decisions on the matters relating to the local government polls.

Special discussion with regard to holding the local government election and the report of the demarcation committee was held at the parliament complex today under the patronage of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.


National programme of empowering state establishments with solar power begins.

The national programme of empowering state establishments with solar power commenced from the Finance Ministry. Accordingly the Ministry said that its electricity bill will come down by 200,000 rupees.


Six policemen were sentenced to death on the charges of culpable homicide.

Badulla high court today sentenced six police officers of the Kandeketiya Police to death under the charge of killing a youth who was in police custody three years ago.

Meanwhile, Matara high court today sentenced four suspects to death under the charges of unlawful assembly and killing a person in the year 2005.

Assad says Aleppo bombing was justified.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the bombing of eastern Aleppo, which his forces recaptured from rebels last month, was justified. "This is the price sometimes, but at the end, the people are liberated from the terrorists," he told French media.


The President emphasized need of a national policy on building construction industry

President Maithripala Sirisena says climatic changes and extreme weather conditions have resulted owing to environmental degradation caused by human activities. The president noted that climatic changes have made impacts on country’s agriculture as well.

He made these remarks participating in the launching ceremony of the Green Building Code and Evaluation System held at the BMICH, today. The event also organized by the ministry of Mahaweli Development and Megapolis and western development.  The president further noted that the entire population including the school children should be educated over the new guidelines on green building code.

A national policy pertaining to building construction is essential for the country. Addressing the gathering Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said that 58 percent of the country’s energy mix is still from green sources. The Minister statetd that the first green building in the country has been constructed for the ministry of environment.

Minister Ranawaka said that the new building has still not being occupied by the Ministry officials. The Minister stressed that government officials need to think about the country and the future of the community as well as their convenience. The code was presented to the president by Secretary to the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development Nihal Rupasinghe and Secretary to the Ministry of Environment Udaya Seneviratne.

The release of the maiden waters of the Moragahakanda Reservoir is slated to take place on Wednesday.

The release of the maiden waters of the Moragahakanda Reservoir is slated to take place on the 11th of this month. Deputy Minister Anuradha Jayarathne addressing a media briefing held in Colombo today said that more than 94,000 hectares of land will be ploughed under the multipurpose project.


Former president Chandrika Bandaranaike says building Sri Lankan identity will help to create brighter future for the children.

A week of National Integration and Reconciliation has been declared. The Chairperson of the office for National unity and Reconciliation, former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga made the revelation, during the relevant function at the new theatre of the Royal College Colombo today


China warns US on Taiwan leader's stopover

Chinese state media has warned the US against deviating from the one-China policy, hours after the Taiwanese leader stopped briefly in Houston. Tsai Ing-wen met Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott during her stopover en route to Central America.


Theresa May promises mental health care overhaul

Theresa May is pledging to help schools and companies in England deal with the "hidden injustice" of mental illness. In a speech, the prime minister will announce extra training for teachers, more online self-checking for those with concerns and a review of services for children and teenagers. She will promise to "transform" attitudes to mental health problems. Mrs May's speech comes as she outlines her plans to use the state to create a "shared society".

Ronaldo favourite, to be named the world's best player at the inaugural Best Fifa Football Awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo is favourite to be named the world's best player at the inaugural Best Fifa Football Awards ceremony in Zurich today. Real Madrid forward Ronaldo beat rival Lionel Messi to win the Ballon d'Or award for a fourth time last month.

Fifa ended its six-year collaboration with magazine France Football for the Ballon d'Or award last year. Barcelona's Messi and Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann have also been nominated for the men's prize.

A draft bill on the preparation of the national policy pertaining to sustainable development tabled in parliament.

A draft bill on the preparation of the national policy pertaining to sustainable development and strategy was tabled in parliament today. The establishment of a committee on sustainable development as well as making provisions for related matters is expected through the bill which was tabled by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.

Responding to a question raised by Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena understanding orders, the premier said all three agreements pertaining to the Hambantota port will be produced in Parliament. Measures have been taken to develop all three main ports in the country for the first time in the history. The premier revealed, five billion US dollars of investments have been obtained with a Sri Lankan company has come forth to open a cement factory. The rest of the investors are from China. An oil refinery, a power plant as well as a cement company are proposed by Chinese investors. Meanwhile, discussions are on the way with Arabic and American organizations for the establishment of another oil refinery.

The premier revealed 90 percent of the land acquired for the project is government owned and the members of the maha sangha have been brought up to speed on the project. He added it is his objective to provide employment for the youth in Hambantota. Touching on the incident which occurred in Hambantota he said a debate will be granted once the police report is received.

Addressing the parliament MP Chamal Rajapaksa expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for enlightening the public as well as the maha sangha on the true state of affairs. Meanwhile Minister Lakshman Kiriella said a debate will be granted once all the relevant agreements are produced in parliament.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs leaves the country for an official tour of Britain.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera will undertake an official visit to the United Kingdom on 9-14 January. This is the first high-level visit from Sri Lanka to the UK, since the appointment of the new Government of Prime Minister Theresa May following the Brexit vote in July 2016. Minister Samaraweera is scheduled to meet with the Boris Johnson, UK’s Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, and other key interlocutors.

The discussions are expected to review developments in the bilateral relationship, including the way forward to further advance trade and investment between the two countries. During the visit, the Minister will also meet with the Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth Secretary General to discuss Sri Lanka’s shared interests and cooperation as an active member of the organization.

The commemoration of war heroes of the Uva wellassa struggle tomorrow, under the patronage of the president.

A ceremony is organized tomorrow to commemorate the heroes who gave leadership to Uva Wellassa struggle in 1818, which is considered the inception of Sri Lanka’s fight for freedom. It will be held at the BMICH, Colombo under the patronage President Maithripala Sirisena. The ceremony titled “Uththamabhi-wandana” is organized by the government information department.

The president recently took measures to elevate several heroes of the said era including Kepperipola Maha Disawe by removing them from the list of traitors, to which they were confined to by the imperialists. Prof. K.N.O Dharmadasa will deliver the key note address while prof. J.B Dissanayake will also address the ceremony.

The President stresses that the government has never betray Sri Lankan land at any circumstances.

President Maithripala Sirisena stresses that the government has never betray Sri Lankan land at any circumstances. The president noted that Sri Lanka has the capability to be a strong nation. The country needs to get rid of dependence on other nations. When the government takes decision to liberate the country from the economic shackles some quarters are trying to dent the government’s positive measures.

The president made these comments at the opening of the program of sustainable era which was held at the BMICH today. Democracy and human rights are being flourished in the country. Not a single journalist has been killed during last two years. The president pointed out that no journalist has fled the country during this period. He highlighted that reconciliation has been consolidated while protecting the unitary status of the country.

The Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh says President Sirisena is a revolutionary leader who transformed country’s political setup.

Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu says President Maithripala Sirisena is a revolutionary leader who transformed country’s political setup by reinstating democracy. He further noted that peace has been restored among different ethnic and religious groups in the island nation. Though nationalism and patriotism are essential for a country, extremism has to be uprooted.

The Chief Minister was speaking at a meeting held in Colombo today. Hospitality in Sri Lanka is very strong. The Chief Minister said that India is a powerful nation with high tech capabilities. He noted that hence the collaboration between the two nations will bear more fruits. He also predicted that cooperation with developed nations will help to create brighter future for Sri Lanka. A group of investors from the Andra Pradesh are ready to invest in Sri Lanka in different sectors like tourism, apparel industry, etc. Naidu added that his state is ready to support the Sri Lankan government’s programme to eliminate poverty. He also pointed out that it is compulsory to provide vocational training for the youth who leave the school. The chief minister stated that a mechanism should be put in place to improve productivity among the working community.

Deadly icy spell grips much of Europe, including Greek islands

Icy temperatures across Europe have left more than 20 people dead and blanketed even the Greek islands and southern Italy in snow. Italy saw ferries and flights cancelled and schools in the south are expected to close tomorrow.

Turkey has also been badly affected. The Bosphorus was closed to shipping as a heavy snowstorm hit Istanbul. At least 10 people died of cold in Poland. Night temperatures in Russia plunged to minus 30C.

The president says abolishing 18th amendment to the constitution is a public victory.

President Maithripala Sirisena says abolishing 18th amendment to the constitution is a public victory. He added that foreign policy of the current government help to befriend more countries in the world. The island nation’s poverty level is in between 25 to 27 percent. The President said that a well devised plan should be put in place to address the issue. The president made these comments at the opening of the programme of 3 years of a sustainable development era which was held at the BMICH this afternoon. He added that Shrama Shakthi national programme will commence to empower the people who are living under the poverty line. A huge transformation will be brought in the agricultural and irrigational sectors this year. The President said that it is essential to understand the seriousness of the debt crisis that was created by the previous government in the pretext of development.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said the 3rd year of the President’s tenure commences with the dawn of new era of development. He added that South Asia has become one of most vibrant economies in the world and steering towards development speeding. He pointed out that Sri Lanka is also experiencing an expeditious development. The present administration has been able to ensure reconciliation and ethnic harmony. The political parties that had been fighting for more than 5 decades are now working collaboratively. The Prime Minister said that Sri Lankan identity can be strengthened by the collaborative efforts of different political parties.

The people of the country are enjoying freedom. He noted that the government has allowed space to media to criticize the administration. The government wants to bring the deviance of development to the general public. But some quarters are trying to block the development march of the government. The premier highlighted that it is necessary to change the attitudes. An array of new laws and regulations has been introduced targeting the next phase of development of the country.

Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh Sri Chanrababu Naidu who was the chief guest of the event said that collaborative efforts of the two major political parties in Sri Lanka have set an example. He noted that Sri Lanka and India will work with correct mutual understanding. The Andra Pradesh is ready to work with Sri Lanka in a cordial manner. He explained the programs which have been carried out by the Andra Pradesh government to eliminate poverty. He appreciated the government’s initiative to name 2017 as the year of uprooting poverty. The Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh admired the progress which has been marked by Sri Lanka in terms of health services. He also said that Sri Lanka will have a brighter future where people can lead a peaceful and happy life. Five publications were launched by the media division of the president at the event. The Grama Shakthi website was also launched.

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