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It has been stressed the need of a strong relations to face future challenges between the Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

It has been stressed  the need of a strong relations to face future challenges between the Indonesia and Sri Lanka based on the cultural  trade, political and religion relations of the past.


A national policy to control alcohol.

The national policy on alcohol control will be unveiled tomorrow. It will be officially declared at the 2016 national alcohol conference scheduled to commence in Colombo tomorrow. The national policy includes measures to prevent all forms of activities that promote liquor production and to safeguard all people from alcohol at the residences and places of work.


Minister Harin Fernando says the opposition recent March can be identified a failure of the former President.

Minister Harin Fernando said the March organized by a group of opposition can be identified as a failure of the former President. Participating in a media briefing at the party headquarters, Sirikotha this morning, he said this march was organized in support of the Rajapakse groups and it was not intended to solve the people's problems.


Interviews to admit grade one students to national schools will commence tomorrow.

Director of School activities of the ministry of education W.K.M. Wijetunga says relevant interviews to admit Grade one students to national schools for next year will commence tomorrow. Relevant interview boards will be appointed by the principals and should obtain approval from the education ministry for it.


Donald Trump hits back at 'disastrous' Obama.

Donald Trump has dismissed Barack Obama's time in the White House as a "disaster" after the US president said he was not fit to succeed him."He's been weak, he's been ineffective," Republican candidate Mr Trump said of Mr Obama in a Fox News interview on Tuesday.

Bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and Jordan to be expanded.

Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan Dr. Jaward Al Anani says his country will support Sri Lanka to gain observer status of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
The Deputy Premier gave this assurance when he held talks with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe at the Jakarta conference centre last evening. Jordan is ready to expand its bilateral relations with Sri Lanka.

The discussion also focused on reaching a final decision regarding the investment promotion and defence pact. Possibility of expanding the current trade agreement between the two countries was also looked into.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of Islamic Development Bank Dr. Ahamad Mohamed Ali says his institution will extend support to Sri Lanka as soon as the country gains observer status of the organization of Islamic Cooperation. He made this disclosure at discussion held with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.

Meanwhile, chairman of the world Islamic Economic Forum Foundation Thun Musa Hitam says he hopes to hold an interim session of the World Islamic Economic Forum in Sri Lanka with the participation of South Asian Countries. It would pave the way to attract number of investment opportunities as well. He made these remarks at a discussion held with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe.

Minister Vijith Wijemuni Soyza says a group of opposition MPs organized a march to fulfill narrow political objectives.

Minister Vijith Wijemuni Soyza says President Maithripala Sirisena has undertaken the responsibility of handing over the Sri Lankan Freedom Party to the next generation as it is a historical political party.

Addressing a media briefing held at the Ministry of Irrigation today he emphasized stern action will be taken to safeguard the discipline of the party. It would also ensure that the party will remain undivided. He points out the march organized by a group of opposition MPs was held to fulfill narrow political objectives.

The leaders as well as members of the SLFP should honour the party headquarters. However, the incident which occurred towards the latter part of the march should be condemned. The Minister also disclosed that several measures will be taken to strengthen the party at its annual conference to be held in next month.

Special court required to examine the cases of misusing public money - WPC councilor Nishantha

Western Provincial Councilor Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe says a special court is required to examine the cases of persons who are accused of misusing public money.

Taking part in the Subharathi discussion programme of the SLBC this morning he pointed out majority of the MPs who took part in the march are accused of various corruptions and malpractices. Furthermore, there are number of opposition MPs who are members of the constitutional drafting council. Therefore, he points out using slogans which says that the new constitution is a trap is a trick to mislead the public.

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