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The President has told the United Nations high commissioner for human rights that Sri Lanka’s reconciliation process is going ahead gradually.

President Maithripala Sirisena says Sri Lanka is performing for the betterment of its people with much responsibility, in keeping with the charters of UN, as a member of United Nations. He said the government is taking the process to ensure human rights and reconciliation forward step by step.


  An inquiry will be initiated in to the incident of the non-transplant of a heart at the Kandy hospital.

Minister Rajitha Senarathne  says that,  an independent  inquiry  will be held  over the incident of  none transplant of a heart  to a heart patient and  legal proceedings will be implemented  if any surgeon or doctor found  responsible. The Minister told the parliament  the doctors  should understand the value of a human life. The minister further said, in preventing  these types of incidents  in future  tough legal action  should be taken against those who are responsible. Health minister was responding to  a question  raised by  parliamentarian Arzhu  Marasinghe. The relevant  incident  took place at Kandy  national hospital  when surgical procedures were taking place   to transplant a heart obtained by a young man  whose brain was dead  and to be plant it to a girl whose heart  was  functioning  less efficient.

MP Wijepala Hettiarachci says, the government reiterates it will fulfill all the promises it made to the people.

Member of Parliament Wijayapala Hettiarachchi says, that since the parliament has the majority of two third  the government is  powerful enough  to proceed ahead with  democracy.  He said, the government is not appearing  for the purposes of  joint opposition. The government has no need to postpone the elections.  He made these comments , while taking part at  SLBCs Subarathi programme  this morning.  To implement these process  the general public in the country has given  their mandate  to the President and the prime minister. He said  all the promises  given to the people will be implemented  by the government.

  The Asian parliamentary conference on sustainable development to be held in Colombo.

The 12th Asian Parliamentarian’s Conference on  Sustainable Development and Population will be  held in Colombo on 7th,8th and 9th of next month. This was announced by its Sri Lankan forum  Chairman Minister S.B.Dissanayake. 90 members of parliament in the  relevant countries  of Asia  with  associating officials  will take part in  the conference. The inaugural session  of the conference  will be held under the patronage of speaker Karu Jayasooriya at Sri Lankan parliamentary complex.

The Prime Minister says that a National Sports programme covering the entire island is now underway.

The Prime Minister says that a National Sports programme covering the entire island is now underway.  He points out that by strengthening Sport in the country the national identity of the island can be highlighted.  The Prime Minister  certifies that the government will render its fullest support in developing Sportsmanship in the country.  The Prime Minister was speaking at the inauguration of 43rd National Sports Festival which get off the ground at Kotavila Stadium in Matara this afternoon.

Health Ministry is to conduct a discussion with the Sri Lanka Medical Council on SAITM issue.

Two notifications under Import and Export Control Act and National Pharmaceutical Regulation Authority were taken to debate at the Parliament today. Proposing the vote of thanks Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratna said private and public Health Institutions together will provide a better health care service to the public. All the private hospitals will be notified to charge a regular price for the services they render to the patients. At the same time, medical fraternity will be provided with all the facilities.

SAITM medical college will be brought up to provide international standard medical degrees. His Ministry will conduct a serious discussion with the Sri Lanka Medical Council on next Thursday.

Minister Mano Ganeshan says that the grading of schools according to Nationalities should be curtailed.

Minister Mano Ganeshan says that the grading of schools according to Nationalities should be curtailed.  He further says the number of classes has to be increased where Sinhala and Tamil are taught together.  He says differentiation of schools in Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim has to be changed.  He has advised to re-start the Sinhala school that had been in Jaffna sometimes back.  In comparison to the past the igniting of nationalism or communalism has reduced  the Minister observed.  Whenever communalism strikes back good part of the society has to fight against it.

The Sri Lanka Army plans to provide a solution to lunch sheet problem.

The Sri Lanka Army has drawn a plan to provide Banana leaf to wrap meal packets, instead of prohibited polythene covers.  The Agricultural directorate of the Sri Lanka Army has completed the initial research work of this giant project.  These lunch sheets can be used repeatedly.  According to the programme, Army plans to cultivate banana trees which produce banana leaves only.  The barren land under Army custody will be utilized for the purpose. The Army says the consumers in the country will be able to purchase banana lunch sheets shortly.

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