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Police say legal action has been taken against 454 individuals for pursing illegal garbage dump activities in the Western Province.

The Police say legal action has been taken against 454 individuals for pursing illegal garbage dump activities in the Western Province. The police further said the perpetrators were apprehended during a combined operation carried out by police and armed forces from 21st to 23rd of this month.

Meanwhile, court cases have been filed against 158 individuals in Colombo North, central and south areas. The wrongdoers also found in Nugegoda, Mount Laviniya, Gampaha, Kelaniya, Negambo and Panadura. The individuals were also found guilty on maintaining dengue mosquito breading places. 

Trump travel ban injunction partly lifted by top US court.

US President Donald Trump has welcomed a Supreme Court ruling allowing his travel ban to be partly reinstated as a "victory for our national security". America's highest court also granted a White House request allowing part of its refugee ban to go into effect. The justices said they would consider in October whether the president's policy should be upheld or struck down. Mr Trump seeks to place a 90-day ban on people from six mainly Muslim nations and a 120-day ban on refugees.

30,000 new students to be enrolled to the government universities.

Registration of new entrants to the universities are being done now. Prof.Mohan Silva the chairman of University Grants Commission says that the dead line is extended upto Friday the 30th. After the Friday all the new vacancies for the new entrants will be filled. All the letters informing selected undergraduates have been dispatched through registered post, since Thursday.

However, until now university entrance expectants numbering more than 71,000 had been applied. Under ordinary entrance schemes little exceeding 29,000 students are expected to be registered as university students. 14 universities, 3 faculties and 5 higher education institutions are to conduct 109 curriculums according to Prof.Mohan Silva. Moratuwa university has introduced a new curriculum title entrepreneur science. 100 students are expected to enroll into this programme.

Colombo university has introduced a engineering technology curriculum and the university will enroll 75 students for that course. Kelaniya university has introduced a new curriculum in computer science and 50 new students will be enrolled in to that programme.

Postal Minister says, that it is unjustifiable the strike action taken by the postal trade unions.

Postal Minister M.H.Abdul Haleem says that,  it is very unfair that postal unions  taken into trade union action when the government is providing necessary solutions to their grievances.  Minsiter Abdul Haleem said that, trade union action is categorically unreasonable and unjustifiable.

The ministry has provided solutions for their problems raised during their reason meetings with the political authorities. He further says, during last Saturday he negotiated with the postal unions and explained the govenrment's position over the issues. One issue is recruitment procedure.

The postal ministry cannot resolve the issue alone since there are other stakeholders connected to the issue. There was a certain delay since minister Wijayadasa Rajapakse  was in overseas who is a member of the committee appointed  to look into the  postal issues. The trade unions accused the government  that they have taken steps  to open  tourist hotels in Nuwara Eliya Kandy and Galle Fort post offices. It is only an idea , but the government has not reach to a decision the minister says.

By postal strike the party that undergo  grievances are  general public. the minister pointed out. When contacted Chinthaka Bandara the convener of  postal trade unions united front  said, that if their demands are met  they will take a decision  to conclude the trade union action. So far  through the negotiation the issues are not settled.

Providing fertilizer subsidy to the farmers for the Yala season concludes tomorrow.

The Director of national fertilizer secretariat G.Pushpakumara says the dead line is over by tomorrow in disbursement of financial assistance, to obtain fertilizer for the paddy cultivation in Yala season. So far his secretariat has offered 2200 rupees as financial assistance to farmers to obtain fertilizer. He further said, all the districts in the northern province have been already completed in disbursement of fertilizer assistance. A certain delay has taken place in providing assistance to Gampaha and Colombo districts since a delay in obtaining information of necessary farmers.
However the disbursement for them also will be concluded tomorrow Mr.Pushpakuamra said. The government facilitates with 25,000 rupees for five acre paddy cultivation as fertilizer subsidy.

State Language Training Institution is to be converted into a scientific faculty.

Parliamentarian Dr.Jayampathy Wickremarathne  says that he does not see any wrong  in establishing private universities  as far as state universities are weakened.  He mentioned this while participating at SLBC's Subarathi discussion programme this morning. Parliamentarian Arshu Marasinghe said that, the SAITM issue should not be viewed through a political eye.All the people relevant to the SAITM issue should pay a sympathetic attitude for the medical students who studied that the SAITM so far.

It is a responsibility . Lot of local students embarks on overseas medical education and this aspect must be of everybody's attention. Director General of state language training institution Dr.Prasad R.Herath taking part in the same programme said that, his institution is now training teachers and language translators   and taking steps to make the state bilingual. The director general said, the language education should be a tool of developing social needs.

Anybody can refer their requirements to his institution Dr.Herath  added.  The address for the purpose  is National Language Training Institution  Galewaththa , Agalawatta. The relevant telephone number is – 034 3944,352 for necessary inquiries. The institution can be contacted through the special telephone line 321 .In addition to that 1A, Makumbura, Pannipitiya is the address of the affiliated institution and the number contactable is 071 8249 394.

Laboratory Examinations charges on dengue to be revised all over the island.

Laboratory Examinations charges on dengue to be revised all over the island. The amendments are now being implemented all over the island according to Doctor Kanthi Ariyarathna, the Secretary of Private Hospital Regulatory Commission. All the letters are being referred to relevant private Hospitals and clinics over the postal mail and Internet. When questioned by SLBC, she said the post investigations whether to find out the programme is actually implemented now on.

According to new charges, a total blood tests fee has been reduced from 510 rupees to 250 rupees. The initial blood tests to diagnose dengue have been reduced from 3000 rupees to 1000 rupees. If there is an any complaint, patients can contact Private Hospital Regulatory Commission or Health Services Director General in addition, directly the Health Ministry. During the past period the Commission has reduced the prices of 33 Laboratory tests in private hospitals.

Minister Lakshman Kiriella says, it is the government that decides the education policy of the country, but not the students.

Minister Lakshman Kiriella says, it is the government that decides the education policy of the country, but not the students. At the debate adjournment held in the parliament today, the minister said, the university student's inclusion in to the health ministry and  the trade union action of the government medical officers can be considered as contempt of courts.

The students says that  they went to the ministry  for a discussion . The minister questioned them ,as to why they have carried iron bars to the premises. The SAITM has been  initiated under a policy decision taken by the previous regime.  It has allocated a sum of 600 million rupees for this purpose.  Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardhana who  raised voice against SAITM is the persons who has presented the relevant gazette notification on SAITM in that period.

It is the medical council  that has powers on medical education, but not the trade unions. 99 percent of the medical students of 2 medical faculties of two state universities have expressed their willingness to resume lectures at a secret vote. The minister Kiriella further said that, the general public will give proper answer to the members of the GMOA who are on unjust trade union action.

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